Monday, March 16, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Guess Who's In Town!

Chapter 20


 Look who's joined the crew!  It's Scarlet Firecracker from Gather Ye Rosebuds!

It's too late to check out the town so Scarlet sets up an easel outside and paints.

Scarlet was in a little park the next day when she noticed the huge house next door had a rocket.  She was impressed.  She had to meet these sims.

First she met Bella and Marissa.

Then she noticed someone else in the room.

She asked Bella and she said oh that's my oldest son Alexander.

Him I gotta meet she thinks.  So she gives him her best flirty introduction.  He doesn't seem impressed.

Then she mentioned the rocket.  It was like he was a different person.  He dragged her outside to show it to her.  She gives up flirting for now but as she leaves she thinks wow, a challenge.


Kayden and Mercedes have gotten into a routine.  He gathers...

...and she writes books.

Elora comes to visit and Mercedes tells her about how things have been.  Elora says it sounds like you're in a rutt.  Try finding something different to do.

Mercedes plays with her robot toy.  No kids yet she thinks.  So how to get out of a rutt?

She decides to get a job.  She joins the writer career at level 2.

Mercedes tells Kayden and he decides to get a job too.  He joins the business career at level 1.

He gives her a passionate kiss and they head to bed a little early.


Chandler and Paisley Pancakes invite Cory and Marissa Goth camping.

Chandler searches for unidentified plants.

Cory and Marissa play horseshoes.

Chandler and Paisley flirt over burgers.

Then they break in the bed.

Poor Marissa and Cory had to sleep seperately.

Chillin' in the living room.

Chandler caught a dragon dragonfly!

Gemma Valdivia shows up while the others are playing horseshoes.

Then Cory's half-brother Malcolm shows up.

Chandler roasts beatles.
(Some time around this Cory and Marissa disappeared and never showed back up.

The dragon dragonfly gets a special spot when they get home.


Gemma's family goes to check out the new park.

Logan plays pirate with Rocco Lothario while Gemma and DK watch.

Gemma finds a little townie girl to hang out with.

Logan has a baked potato with Rocco's dad Don.  All in all it was a good day out.


Don Lothario is perfectly happy.  He didn't really want kids but Rocco and Angelo are everything to him now.

Catalina's happy too.  She's got her boys and she knows that Don is non-commital so she doesn't expect more from him, or want it.

Daxton Landgraab comes to visit.  
(Angelo is sleeping)

The next morning Angelo is up and eating but Don and Catalina never went to bed!

Angelo and Rocco play dolls.

While Catalina and Don pass out.


  1. Lol, Scarlet's never woohooed in a rocket before. Go Alexander! I hope he succeeds lol!! I adore Alexander Goth! Favorite Goth nerd!

    1. Hehe mabye that's why she's so interested in the rocket!