Monday, March 16, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Birthdays and New Houses

Chapter 18


Taking care of triplets is crazy.  Plus they were born when Buffy was in the red tired and she hasn't slept yet.  I decided there's no point in waiting and aged them up.
What no pictures?  Well, for one the pictures I thought I took dissapeared.  Secondly the pictures I took wouldn't look like them.  Why?  Once they were all aged up I went into CAS like I always do to change their hair or outfits.  But in CAS they were babies!  I went out of CAS and they were babies again!  I aged them up again and the game crashed.  So I got to see 3 versions of what the Goth girls would look like.  The only simularity was the hair color.

 Here they are Suri, Shea and Star.  Whew!

After one night (with poor Star sleeping on the couch) I realized their house wasn't going to work.  This house I used at the end of my 100 baby challenge and I liked it.  It's called Modernity by ruthless_kk.  It's a 6 bedroom though so what I did was made the 2 small bedrooms playrooms and the big playroom a bedroom.  I also turned the back fountain into a pool.

I'm sorry there's not more on the Goths.  I'll stop by and check on them in the next chapter.  I was so frustrated after the whole aging up debacle and remodeling the new house I decided to move on.


Amaya stands on her empty lot and decides it's time to move on.  She's heard about some apartments for rent.

The apartments are called Black and White built by maga99967.  Amaya chooses the black side.  Nobody is living here yet.

First thing she does is try out the piano.

Her brother Alex is her 1st visitor.  He thinks the place looks great.  He confides in Amaya that they still haven't gotten pregnant and Olivia is pretty down about it.

The next day Amaya goes swimming in the pool that divides the 2 apartments.

After that she goes to the park to play for tips.  Not many people stop to listen.  Paisley Pancakes and this weird guy did.  Then it's back to her apartment and her new life.


Olivia tells Alex that she's finally pregnant!

Everybody has to feel the baby.  Her Mom....

Alex (of course)

Her Dad too. (erm in his underwear)

Then the time came and Olivia gave birth to a little girl Avery.

Alex is a proud papa.


Krystle enjoys a swim with her Mom and sister Carlie.  Her birthday is today!  Carlie has a birthday coming up soon too.

She blows out the candles while Ayden watches.

Then Krystle is a teen!  Her aspiration is Mansion Baron and her traits are snob and outgoing.

Look how pretty she is!


Babs and Rene tell the kids today's a big day.  We know they say... it's our birthdays.  That too, but we're moving to a bigger house so you can have your own rooms.  The kids are really excited about that.

The L'Amour families' new home is called Modern Loft With Pool built by kellyvdhoven.  It's in Oasis Springs next to Charlie and Buffy and across from Amaya.

Babs starts a cake right away while Rene entertains the kids.

Isaias is first.

He's a party animal, goofball and outgoing.

Alisha wants a big happy family she's outgoing too and romantic.  She has the biggest blue eyes but I just couldn't get them in a picture.  :(

The family chats and eats cake and celebrates the birthdays and new house.


Ansel and Elora Jones started this neighborhood rotation.  I can't believe it's time for Answel to turn elder.

He blows out the candles...

And he's now an elder!  Most of the 1st generation will be turning elder within the next few sim days but I wanted to be there for Ansel's.  He's not the first, the others snuck up on me and are gone now. 
(see sim biographies at the top and the deceased section)

It was just the family in the house for Ansel's aging up.  I hope all my sims have long elderhoods.  I'm not sure how long they last on the long setting.

And there is always the promise of new beginnings.  Sebastian and Andrea are trying for a baby.  We'll see if she's pregnant in the next chapter!  <evil laugh>


  1. I've never had triplets in my game. I'm actually really terrified of that happening, like freak of nature, rofl! The three girls are so cute! I'm glad they are girls. I think I'd rather have girl triplets than boys, lol. Oh, and Krystle Purdue is so pretty indeed! Do you have her on the Gallery? She's gorgeous!

    1. I don't have any of my sims on gallery actually. I'm not quite sure how to do it.