Sunday, March 15, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Could Someone Have Triplets?!?

Chapter 17

After my freakout I found a mod called No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions by egureh.  I'm hoping this will help with the unwanted "romances".


 Marissa and Cory are finally getting married!

Hardly anyone watched the ceremony and Bella left and went to work.  Cory's calling in a vacation day so he doesn't suddenly dissapear too.  Geeze.

They enjoy the first slice of their invisible wedding cake.

Doesn't Marissa look beautiful?  I figured a Goth could pull off a black wedding dress.  Although she's not a Goth anymore is she?

Alexander hides in the weird campy area.

Then Marissa joins him.  Mabye weddings aren't her thing?

Elora Jones runs though in her bathing suit.  I can't figure it out until I find small decorative pools.  would have made more sense to make them fountains but whatever.  Mabye it's time to search for yet another wedding venue?

Speaking of swimming... when they get home they go for a swim to relax.  They'll be living in the Goth mansion with Bella and Alexander.


It's time for Angelo to age up to a child today.

Poof there he is in a shower of sparkles.

Angelo's insane, he's talking to himself.

Rocco is so happy that Angelo isn't a baby anymore.

He takes him to the park to celebrate and play space explorer.

While the kids were playing I saw Marissa walking around in her wedding dress.  Guess I forgot to take it off her formal.  Oppsie.


Zachary asks Milla to the Kissing Llamas for a date.

They ended up dancing and I couldn't get them alone no matter how hard I tried.

After the date they sit at the bar talking to Alex and Amaya.

Finally he gets her semi-alone and asks her to be his girlfriend.  She says yes!


Amaya is bored so she invites that hot guy she met a couple chapters back in the park to her erm empty lot.

They chat for a bit then cloudgaze.

Then she surprises him with a kiss.

One thing leads to another and they whoohoo in the tent.

Must've been good.  LOL I love their faces.

She asks him to be her boyfriend and he says yes!

After Taj leaves Amaya plays guitar until bedtime.


Olivia tells her parents that her and Alex are thinking of having a baby.  Alice is thrilled.  Eric seems more worried that neither of them have jobs.

They tried but didn't get pregnant and Olivia was too sad to try again.

Alex decided she needed to get out of the house so he took her to the library.

Olivia was so sad she sat at the computer crying.

To top it off Cassandra does an impromptu violin session.

When they get home Olivia's Dad gives her a hug.  She says she's going to get a job but she's going to try again.


Deon Purdue's birthday is tomorrow.  He's thinking he might want to be a computer whiz.

In the morning he tells Uni that Mom's letting him stay home for his birthday.

Deon blows out his candles.

What a odd look on his face.  He doesn't seem to be sure if he wants to be a teen after all.


Charlie tells Buffy that Alex and Olivia are trying for a baby.  Buffy says she wants to try too but the house is too small.  It's too small for parties too.

The new house in a new neighborhood.  La Cascada by xhexenial. I like it mostly but I don't think I'm going to keep it.  It has too many couches and tables.

They try for baby right away and Charlie followed Buffy into the bathroom while she took the test.  It's positive!

Charlie feels the baby in Buffy's third trimester.

Buffy holding baby Star, but wait there's more...

Outside!  The house is huge and Suri and Shea end up outside!

Triplet girls OMG.  I'll end the chapter with that!


  1. I tried to post this earlier at work, but it didn't work :( Anyway, I LOVE Marissa's black wedding dress! Only a Goth can pull that off, definitely! I'm so inspired to make my Cassandra Goth's wedding dress black now when she marries Malcolm. Perfect!!

    1. Yay I can't wait for the wedding! LOL My Cassandra was like weddings are overrated let's elope.

  2. Yes, I think you'll need a new wedding venue. What type of venue have these ones been? I usually make my sims get married at home and have a fancy party there, but I think I should try a venue for my next sim wedding.

    Wow, baby explosion there!! LOL How adorable :)

    1. I've been using lounges. Parks have to have playgrounds and random kids will show up. I've got a new one I haven't tried yet, lol.