Saturday, March 14, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- The Birthdays Begin Again

Chapter 16


 Don tells Rocco it's time to age up.

There he is Rocco Lothario.

Don tells Catalina let's try again.

Catalina tells Don she's pregnant.  It took a couple tries and Rocco walked in once then ran to his room to hide.

Rocco wants to feel the baby.  He's very excited.

It's another boy!  Angelo Lothario.

Rocco can't wait for his brother to age up.


Amaya Purdue is so happy.  She's telling her Dad Ollie that it's finally her birthday!

Trinity bakes the cake.

Amaya doesn't want a birthday party.  She just wants to age up and move out.  She blows out the candles and tells her parents she's leaving.

Amaya finds a huge empty lot in Oasis Springs.

She puts up a tent in the middle of the lot.

It might not be a house but it'll work for now.


It's Tara DaSilva's birthday today.  She's excited to be a teenager.  She wishes she could have a party with her cousin Jazmine but she can't.  But Jazmine is having a party later and hopefully she can go.

Tara blows out the candles while her Mom cheers her on.

Eek she has the same hair as her Mom!  Time for a makeover.

 Tara is wearing sporty dress and strait bangs hair by Kiara24.  She looks great but she's not the only birthday today...


Jazmine plays dolls for the last time while she waits for her cake to be done.  She's having a party!

At the party she chats with her Dad.

Time to blow out the candles!

Jazmine's a teen.  She's so cute.

The party is almost over and I finally got a pic of Jazmine and Tara together.

There's Skye Goth looking all cute in her party wear.  I caught this shot right before the party ended.


The birthday's for this chapter aren't over.  Today is Ayden's birthday.

Deon's birthday is next and then Krystle is right after his.

Ayden blows out the candles.

He's already taking a selfie.  I thought he looked good the way he was so I didn't change him.


Across the street at the L'Amour household everyone is enjoying a sunny day.
(Well every day is sunny but you know what I mean.)

They go to the park and Babs plays sea monster.

Had to get a close-up of that one.  LOL

Rocco Lothario and Grayson Goth are here too.

After the kids were in bed I couldn't find Rene.  He was upstairs playing with a toy.

I think they're a little cramped in this house.  Might be time to move soon.


This is what I see when I land at Cassandra and Gunther's house!  This is just not acceptable.  If there isn't a mod to stop this there needs to be one.  To make it worse Cassandra had some guy on hers too!  I was so mad I just decided that's enough for this chapter and time to end here.  Sorry it's shorter than normal.


  1. LOL! I love that screenshot of their bedroom with all the beds lined up! :P

    1. It's actually 2 beds with a mirror on the wall. It's a cool house for little kids but not big enough for teenagers.