Thursday, March 12, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Guess Who's Having A Baby?

Chapter 15


Andrea and Sebastian spend their honeymoon just like they'd spend any other day.

At least the toys will get some use with Andrea around.

The family that plays together stays together?

Or is it naps together?

Isn't Ansel's work outfit handsome?  He's level 5 in the tech guru career.


Amaya Purdue sits on her bed thinking that she can't wait to get out of this house.  Her sister Gemma and brother Alex are so lucky.

All her Dad Ollie does is paint and work.  And her Mom is never home.  Amaya thinks she has something going with Don Lothario.

Her room is so small she has to practice guitar on the balcony.

Amaya decided to go to the park.  She met Taj there.  He's older than her but he has dreamy green eyes.

She chats with Gemma and Bob Pancakes while she watches some weird lady laying on the ground.

She gives her niece Lyla (Gemma's daughter) a hug.  Then she hangs around the park until dark and goes back home to her tiny room.


 Cassidy decides to give the kids a break from school and go camping.

 Deon runs off right away in search of insects.

Ayden, Krystle and their parents play horseshoes.

Carlie roasts marshmallows.

Everyone chooses a bed, there are plenty in the big cabin, and the day is over.


Jazmine and Nina go to visit Dina's family.

Jazmine wants to spend time with her cousin Tara.

Which gives all the parents time to hang out.  Nice swimsuit Andre.

Jazmine and Tara become partners in crime and best friends forever.


Catalina tells Don that she'd like to have a baby.  Don looks scared stiff.  But I'll take care of it she says.  Finally he agrees.  Gotta carry on the Lothario family name after-all.

It only took one try and Catalina is pregnant!

Don can't believe how big Catalina's gotten.

Don's a Dad!  His son's name is Rocco.

It's awfully small for how big you got.  He says.


Malcolm sits Daxton and Nicole down and tells them he has a girlfriend.  They don't seem to have an opinion either way.

The next day Malcolm invites Alexandria over.

It didn't take long for them to make it to bed.

Malcolm was about to ask Alexandria to move in when she said she had to leave.  He chased her down the street in his pajamas to ask her.  She said yes.

  Alexandria introduces herself to Nicole.

Then Daxton.  Let's hope this one lasts.


Milla tries to practice her guitar but is bored.

She decides to visit the Zest family.  She notices that Zachary looks very different.

They do a bro hug.

They go swimming in Zachary's pool.

After a little flirting in the pool she kisses him, taking him totally by surprise.

ps: If a family doesn't have a family tree picture it's because something changed since this chapter.


  1. The family trees are *really* helpful!

    1. Yay! I'm working on having them in all the chapters from now on. I just have to catch up to where I am in the game. Hehe.

  2. Wow, I love the addition of the Family Trees to your posts! That's really great and I love seeing how they're all connected, even though I've just started reading it the other day. It's nice to get a recap of what I read the other day, and just know I've got things straight! Very nice :D

    1. Thanks I'm glad you like them. I might have to start using Family Echo or something because sims are disappearing off the trees now.