Thursday, March 12, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- New Neighbors

Chapter 14


Gemma's daughter Lyla has aged up.  She's wearing my first ever custom content for Sims 4.  Her hair and dress were made by Kiara24.
And Logan, I think he'll be the black sheep of the family and not be evil.  Lyla's already angry that she didn't want a sibling.  Little too late for that, you were twins!


Gemma might think twins is hard work but Cassidy Purdue has 4 kids to keep up with.  They still find time to spend as a family.

Carlie chats with her cousin Amaya, Ollie and Trinity's daughter.

Krystle is friends with Jazmine Caliente.

And now Ayden joins the conversation.  Deon keeps to himself.

Well, unless you count big stuffed animals?


Tara DaSilva doesn't see much of her cousin Jazmine Caliente.  Which is too bad because she's her only friend.  She spends her time with her Mom & Dad.

Now it's Andre talking to a big stuffed animal.  I forgot he's childish, I love childish sims.

He's a good Dad.

Aren't they cute?  I feel bad that she has no friends though.

So I sent her to the park.  Skye and Grayson Goth are there.

Jazmine and Isaias L'Amour show up too.  And Amaya looking all sad.  Now Tara has friends.


Bella Goth wonders where all the time went?  It seems like the house was full of kids just days ago.  Now it's just Alexander and Marissa... well, and Cory.

Cory takes Marissa to the park.  He thinks this spot is the perfect place to propose.

She says yes!

Alexander thinks they're crazy.  All he needs is his rocketship.


Speaking of romance Don needs 3 more girlfriends.  He looks so shocked at what she said it doesn't look good with this one Alexandria.  But she says yes.

Date #2 Cassie said yes too.

Don took his next date home. Oddly enough she is date #2's daughter.  Ick.  She said yes and he achieved his aspiration.  He's now officially a player.

I went though the 10 women that Don has relationships with and Catalina Greco (the 1st girlfriend) won.

Don asks Catalina to move in.

Don feels safe because he can flirt with anyone and Catalina won't get jealous.


Malcolm Landgraab decides his kids need a Mom and he's lonely since Diamond left.  But it's hard to find someone when you're evil and just naturally a jerk.

I think Alexandria would be perfect for Malcolm.  I go though all the trouble of putting her in a house so he can find her and what's he do? Insults her first thing!

It takes some time but finally he's nice enough that he gets a kiss.  And she says she'll be his girlfriend too!  We'll have to see how things go with them.

The first thing Alexandria does is break up with Don.  I wonder what Catalina thinks of that?


Next door to Alexandria there's a new house and a new sim to go with it!

Her name is Milla and boy does she have a lot of custom content!

Milla goes and visits the Zests so she can know some neighbors.  Zachary thinks Milla makes him want a makeover!

The next day she met Don and Catalina.

Alexandria invited her to swim when she stopped by her house.

The last neighbors are the Goths.  They seemed a little busy so she didn't stay.  Buffy did mention a party though so Milla figured they're not so bad.


It's Zachary Zest's birthday.

He got that makeover he wanted.


The celebrations aren't stopping yet!  It's Andrea Landgraab and Sebastian Jones's wedding.

I wish there was a way to make them sit and stop random sims from showing up.

Andrea is wearing a dress I got off of The Sims Resource.  I forgot to write the creators name, sorry.

Andrea's half-brother Malcolm is roasting weenies instead of attending the party.
(Kind of an odd thing to put in a wedding venue)

But they got to chat later.

The lovebirds didn't care that the caterer wasn't making food or cake.  They were just happy to be together.

Andrea and Sebastian will be staying in the Jones Mansion.  It is by far my favorite house I've played in the Sims 4 so far.


  1. The Jones' wedding is very pretty! Love the sunset pictures. Great lighting! And their house is huge! Definitely looks fun to play. Overall, I absolutely LOVE seeing Sims like Don Lothario and Andre DaSilva, and the Goths, and really ALL of them!!,...It's fun seeing what kind of lives they live in someone else's story! I love all the EA premades :) Fun seeing what their babies look like! <3

  2. *spoiler alert* They're all about to become elders. I'm so sad. *spoiler alert*

  3. I love weddings, and the bride was so beautiful :) But poor Don! His new neighbor is something else eh?! Very exciting.

    1. Yes Andrea was beautiful. They're such a perfect couple.