Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Everybody Keeping Busy

Chapter 13


Mercedes Jones and Kayden Goth are getting married.
For once the guests sat.
(The ones that aren't at the bar)

No clue who this guy is but he made me laugh.

Sebastian figures there's no place more romantic than a wedding so he proposes to Andrea.

Looks like they're planning their wedding already.

The caterer didn't show up so Elora had to make a cake.

Despite the caterer not showing up and the cake being invisible again I think this wedding venue might work out.  It's Wedding Park by Beretta501.

Kayden and Mercedes decide they want their own place.  It's Riverside Roost built by benzelz.  It's across from Cassandra.

They're so glad the wedding is over.

The next morning Kayden goes searching for collectables.

While Mercedes makes friends with Uni.
(I had to add some toys to the house since she's childish.)

Alexander comes to visit and Mercedes asks him when he's gonna find a girl.  He says all he needs is his rocket.


Gemma tells DK that she's pregnant.  He's very excited.  But we'll need a bigger house he says.  Gemma thinks she can get the simoleans from her step-dad Ollie Purdue.

(Okay so this is a horrible picture.)  I had another picture of Trinity and Gemma talking but it's gone poof!  Trinity says Ollie isn't home but she doesn't even ask and hands them a check for the house.

This is their new house.  I forgot to write down the builder.  Sheesh first I don't take a pic then I don't write down a builder.  I'm losing it!

It's Gemma's 3rd trimester and DK feels the baby.

It's twins!  A girl Lyla and a boy Logan.  I couldn't find Logan anywhere and there he turned up in the kitchen poor thing.

Baby bassinets color coded and together Gemma is ready to celebrate!


Evan Fogel tells his Mom Constance that he's had it with his uncle Tre.  He's rude and he mours at the gravestone all the time.  He was only supposed to be there a couple days.

Just then look what happens... Tre runs out and starts mourning.  Constance looks over and whispers that she'll ask him to leave.

Cory comes to visit and Evan gives him the good news.

Evan wants to be a chef so he practices with some grilled cheese.

Once again I lost a picture.  Constance asked Tre to leave.


Babs heard that her friend Dina went camping.  She told Rene and they thought it would be fun.

 Babs goes to the ranger station for a tent and ends up with a bunch of supplies.

While Babs is away Rene set fire to the grill.

After the fire is out Rene and Babs play horseshoes while the twins roam around.

Alisha tells Isaias about the big fire.

The camp ranger stops by ready to give lots of information.

The family enjoys the fire and then the kids play in the tent.  The next day the vacation is over.


I replaced the Solar Flare lounge with The Kissing Llamas by GirlzillaGC otherwise known as Rachael Rosebud of Gather Ye Rosebuds.

Don needs 4 more kisses and he figures where better to get a kiss than The Kissing Llamas?

His first kiss was Elissa.  (later I realized he's kissed her Mom too ick)

The next kiss was Leticia.  Notice the sad blond behind them?  She was kiss #1.  The only other girl there is Paisley Pancakes so Don leaves.  He tries the Rattlesnake Juicebar but there are only men.  Then he goes to the park.

He met and got a kiss from Kelly... one to go.

The last kiss was Thalia.  Now he needs 8 girlfriends!  Well if I knew that I would have had him ask when he kissed them!  Several are in the park so he runs and asks them.

Cheya says no.  Mabye memories of Malcolm Landgraab keeping her distant.  Don goes home with 5 girlfriends.  Not bad.


Charlie hears about the new nightclub from their neighbor Don.  So he takes Buffy for a date.

The next day they throw a costume party.  It was a major failure.  Buffy is determined to throw a good party.  Mabye a weenie roast?


  1. OMG, I almost couldn't stop laughing after the bit about Don kissing her mother! :P roflmao

    1. It was hilarious. Then she turned elder like the next day too!

  2. Ew! Turned into an elder? Wow! Don really has stooped very low, hasn't he? lol I love that he went to the Kissing Llamas to find girls to kiss. :D

    A lot happened this chapter! Wow! Sebastian is smart proposing in that park. It's gorgeous!

    I wonder if the wedding seating worked well because of the benches. I'll have to remember that.

    The picture where Alexander says he needs his rocket is hilarious. I love his pose! It's perfect!

    Gemma and Dk's house is amazing! It's perfect for the growing family. I can't wait to see the twins grow up.

    Tre needs to definitely go. Or die...whichever is easier. lolol

    I'm glad the L'Armour had a lovely time camping despite the fire. Haha! At least it wasn't their house. It was in the great outdoors instead. :)

    1. Yea I doubt I'll ever complete that aspiration again after Don, lol. I actually had plans for Tre but he annoyed me so much I had him move out... now I can't remember what plans I had for him! It's been too long. It's really weird looking at pictures and reading about the different sims when I know how they turned out in later chapters. Especially Alexander and the L'Amour twins.