Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Family Time... Except For Don

Chapter 12


 Of course, when I aged up Nicole Landgraab she was invisible.  So I had to take her to the park to make her visible.  I haven't had this problem in awhile but it happened all the time in my legacy.

Malcolm's happy to have his little girl.

Malcolm finds out that Diamond has been seeing someone else.  She's been sleeping in his bed with him every night and I think he got attached.  She doesn't seem to care that he's upset.  Just says she's leaving and not coming back.


It's time for Grayson Goth to age up too.  Skye wants her playmate!

Welcome to childhood Grayson... now for a makeover.

Now he looks like a Goth.  :)

Already on the monkey bars.


Life has been interesting in the Fogel household since Tre moved in.  He's a bit of an annoyance, he mourns at his mother's grave constantly so he's always crying.  And he doesn't like Cory's jokes.

Marissa Goth likes his jokes.

Looks like she likes more than his jokes!

She likes Cory so much she agrees to exchange promise rings with him.

Yay my first haunting in this story!  Lindsey Lyva, Constance and Tre's Mom.  As you might remember she died on the front porch.

The next day Chandler Pancakes stops by to invite Cory to his wedding and Cory tells him about Marissa.

Cory writes jokes for his joke star aspiration.

Cory spends time with his Dad on his last day as a teenager.

I almost forgot!  Evan ages up tomorrow too!

 First Cory ages to young adult.

...and I somehow didn't take a picture of Evan aged up to teen.  I'll have Evan in the next chapter so you can see him, sorry.


Our next celebration is Chandler Pancakes and Paisley Jones's wedding.

Even with a new wedding venue the guests don't sit down.

The cake was invisible again.  It has been at every wedding so far.  The whole wedding was a mess.  There were only 2 bathrooms and everyone had to go.  I ended up ending early so Paisley didn't pee herself and become mortified.  On a funny note: I just realized her name is now Paisley Pancakes!


And speaking of weddings... Kayden Goth asks Mercedes Jones to marry him.  That'll be 2 Goth/Jones marriages.

They celebrate by whoohooing in the observatory.  See the little hearts under the telescope?

And speaking of space, Alexander completed his rocket and had his first trip to space.


Back at the Jones house Andrea Landgraab is aging to young adult.

Finally!  Sebastian shouts, then grabs Andrea and kisses her.  Then he asked her to be his girlfriend.  (Like everyone didn't see that one coming)


The next day at the Goth's house it's Marissa's birthday.  All the goth kids are aged up now.

Marissa invited Cory to come live with her and he said yes.

They sneak into Alexander's rocketship for a little fun.


Nina Caliente has the idea to take her daughter and her sister's family on a camping trip.  Well, sorta camping, they get the large cabin.

Nina tells a story around the campfire.

I have to say it was weird having 3 sims that I had no control over.  I just sat back and watched them.  Then all of the sudden the next day Tara left and then Andre left.  I figure they went to school and work.

While Dina slept Nina and Jazmine went fishing.  Then the trip was over.


Don Lothario sits at the bar moping.  He was just turned down for a kiss by a chick.  He needs 7 more kisses and where best to find a girl to kiss but a bar?  But no he guesses not.  He goes home alone.

Don invites Cassie (the girl from the bar) to his house the next day and gets a kiss.  Erm, in his underwear.  LOL

Don invites Chaya (Malcolm Landgrab's baby Mamma) over and gets a kiss.

Last on his list of friends that he hasn't kissed is Randi.  They go for a swim and he gets that kiss.

4 kisses to go and Don has to find all 4.  The search continues in chapter 13.


  1. Oh, that's too bad about your sims not sitting down at the wedding. I wonder why? I had all but one guest sit down at the wedding I had (yeah, only one so far!), but the one standing did so on my command. I wonder if it's because there was less room to stand where I had the wedding arch, and so they sat down? I'll have to put that to the test ;)

    The wedding was gorgeous nonetheless!! And wow, Don and Chaya--that was surprising!

    1. Pfft I have only had 1 wedding that all the guests sat down. And Chaya was on his friends list so it was an easy kiss to get.

  2. And I'm back, at least for a little bit. :D

    I knew Diamond wouldn't make it. Bwahaha!

    Grayson definitely looks like a Goth after you changed his outfit. What a cutie! (and probably a trickster underneath, maybe)

    Marisa and Corey are so cute!! Now maybe Tre can stop crying and talk to his momma since she's back. ;)

    Awesome wedding! With Gerald's wedding, no one sat either. Haha! I tried really hard to ensure there was plenty of space between everything. Oh, well. They were just too excited, I guess. lolol Paisley Pancakes! Bwahaha!

    Well, at least Don is working on his goals in life. lol

    1. Glad you're back. It's cool reading your responses while I re-read all the chapters so that I can remember everything.