Monday, March 9, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Births, Deaths and Weddings

Chapter 10


After realizing that Nancy and Geoffrey Landgrab are both dead I decide to check on Malcolm.  It turns out it's his birthday.  So he plans a party.  It was unsuccessful.  The caterer never made a cake.  Also I tried to get pics but the balcony everyone was on kept making the camera fall.
Malcolm has a love interest.  Chaya Linn.  He asks her to stay after the party and they have their first kiss.

After a whoohoo with Chaya Malcolm checks the future cube.  It says bright romantic future.

A couple of days later Chaya shows up and says she's pregnant with his baby.  He says she can stay with him until she has the baby but then she's gone and the baby is his.
(So much for the future cube.)

Malcolm had a son Daxton Landgrab.

Malcolm breaks up with Chaya.  After all he is an evil sim.  They are now "awkward friends".

Speaking of babies... we have some to age up!


First is Krystle Purdue (and yay she got Mom's hair)

Devon and Cassidy decide since there's 2 empty bedrooms in the house they will give them to kids that need a home and adopt.

Welcome to your new home Ayden!

Welcome to your new home Deon!


Next at the L'Amour house we have Isaias.

Then his twin Alisha.
(They both got their Dad's red hair)


Charlie Goth has temporarily moved in with the Jones's.

Because it's a special day today.

They did it!  Charlie Goth and Buffy Jones are married!

As always the guests don't all sit.

Mercedes thinks Charlie's twin brother Kayden is kinda cute.

The happy couple dancing together.

Looks like it's time to end the wedding when the bride falls asleep.

Charlie and Buffy move to a little house in Oasis Springs.  They already have plans for remodeling.

It's Paisley Jones's turn to age up to young adult.  She's the last of the Jones kids.


Chandler Pancakes was on his way to Paisley's house when she showed up at his door.  He couldn't wait and dropped to one knee right there.  Of course she said yes.

They go for a swim and he asks her to move in.  She agrees.


Cassandra is telling Gunther that she can't believe her little brother was married before her.  Gunther asks if she wants a wedding?  Cassandra says not really after all the problems at Charlie's wedding: there was no mixologist or entertainer and the caterer didn't bake a cake.  Gunther replies we could elope.

Then he pulls a ring out of his pocket that he's been saving for the right time and asks Cassandra to marry him.  And so they elope.  They decide to try for a baby.  Gunther is halfway to elder!  Now Cassandra is pregnant.

Kayden came to visit and couldn't resist the little baby bump.  He tells Cassandra he has a crush on someone but won't tell her who it is.

Then Mortimer stops by to feel the baby too.

It's a girl!  Skye Goth.

What's up with the baby mamma townies?  I've never seen this before.


Today is Carlie Purdue's birthday and she's having a brithday breakfast with her brothers and sister.

Carlie makes one pretty teen.


I go to the Zest house for Zachary's birthday and this is what I see.  Zachary doesn't loo impressed with his dad.

Zachary is now a teen.  June and Johnny are so proud.


Andrea Landgrab meets Sebastian Jones at the gym.  They have a lot in common.

Andrea's Mom dies of old age.  She's alone in the house.

Andrea has a funny conversation with Grim while she works out.

The Jones family offer to take Andrea in and she agrees.  She doesn't want to be alone.


  1. Malcolm - so cruel *shakes head*

    More babies! I laughed at the mama babies. I've never seen that. So many babies in your game, I guess it couldn't resist. ;)

    1. OMG I know! My townies are mostly moms with kids. It's crazy.

  2. Whoa, Malcolm isn't just evil! He's downright cold. o.O Poor Chaya! I hope little Daxton will grow up all right.