Monday, March 9, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- New Beginnings

Chapter 11


Andrea Landgraab sat on her new bed.  She was told it used to be Buffy's room.  She couldn't believe everything tht had happened to her.  First her Dad died and now her Mom.  At least  Grim was nice when he told her about her Mom.  She had had a feeling it was coming.  But she never expected the Jones family to take her in.

Sebastian let her use his workout equipment whenever she wanted.  She liked him, they're both active sims.

The family made her feel welcome.  Mercedes  says she plans to move out soon.  Andrea will miss her.

Mercedes walks up to the Goths door and hesitantly knocks.

It took some time to find him in the big house but she finally gets Kayden alone.

She whispers how she feels about him and that she'd like to date.  They had their 1st kiss but the game wouldn't pause for me to take a pic.  Then his brother and sister came in and it was very awkward so she left feeling embarassed.

When Mercedes gets home she tells Andrea what she did.  It's nice having another girl around agian since Buffy and Paisley moved out.


Speaking of Landgraabs... Malcolm shows off Daxton to his roomate Diamond.  It's time to age him up.

Daxton Landgraab!

Malcolm tells Diamond he misses having a baby around and she should have one for him!

They flirt and kiss and try for baby.

You'll have to wait to see if Diamond's pregnant or not.  We have another baby to age up!


Skye Goth!  She needs a major makeover.

Skye after her makeover.

Cassandra and Gunther want to give Skye a sibling.  She's pregnant again.  
(a day after Malcolm tried for baby with Diamond)

Kayden is feeling bad about the way things went at his house the other night so he invites Mercedes on a date.  He's really liked her for a long time and doesn't want to mess this up.

...and then the game crashed.

Date take 2- Kayden asks her to be his girlfriend and she says yes.


Hopping back to the Landgraab household to check on Diamond and she's definetly pregnant.
(I almost forgot about them)

Not only did Malcolm repair the dollhouse but he plays dolls with Daxton.  Then he smashes it.

Malcolm had a girl Nicole.


I get to the Goths just in time!  (I don't understand they tried for baby a whole day later)  Cassandra gives birth to a boy Grayson.


Tre Levya is Constance Fogel's brother.  He recently moved in with them.  I have plans for him mwhahahahaha!


Meanwhile Buffy and Charlie have finished having their house renovated.  This is Modern Family Home built by hmorong2996.

Buffy was so excited she threw a house party.

The party was a fair success but she hopes to do better next time.

Lovebirds, Soulmates, Spouse and Best friends.

The next 2 days Charlie took Buffy on dates for his aspiration.


Speaking of aspirations Don needs one more first kiss for his.  He finds this chick Alexandria at the bar and within minutes he has his kiss.  Now he needs 9 more kisses... the first was Alexandria.

Don's close to aging to elder and I haven' gotten a chance to play him so I changed him back to a young adult.

He invited his girlfriend Catalina over for a kiss.

Then Melany.  Who will Don kiss next?  You'll have to wait and see.

I'm sad to say that Mortimer Goth and Katrina Caliente passed away.


Don might fear commitment but Alex Valdivia doesn't.  He's asking Oliver Spencer to marry him.

They decide to tie the knot immediately.

Then they celebrate!

Alex went fishing and all these townies and Chandler Pancakes were there.

I go to visit Gemma (Alex's older sister) and realize it's her birthday to age up to adult.  I haven't played Gemma since she moved out of the Purdue house at young adult.  Woops!

Gemma goes to the local bar.  She wants to meet a guy since she's an adult now.

She meets Don Lothario at the gym but doesn't like him much.

While chatting with Cassandra at the park Gemma notices  Don chatting with some girl and in the background the guy from the bar Steve is talking to Diamond Lamb.

Finally, after days of searching I give up and download DK Rox from the gallery.  He's evil too.

As you can tell they get along great.  DK is Gemma's boyfriend and she's happy.


  1. So glad Andrea had a place to go. :D

    Obviously, I'm interested to see what Diamond and Malcolm have. Of course, I'm more interested to see if Malcolm lets Diamond stick around. ;)

    Glad you finally found someone for Gemma. :D

    1. I totally overlooked Gemma. I moved her into that house when she turned young adult and then checked on her only to find she was about to turn adult!

  2. Whoa, bad time for the game to crash!! Thankfully, I haven't had that happen to me at all yet, but it would be especially annoying just after something major like asking a new love interest to go steady <3 Anyhow, I loved this chapter! It was cute seeing Don get his romancing going on before it's too late ;)

    1. Worse game screw up to come. It had me ready to throw the laptop across the room. Yea I love Don. I've actually never liked him until I played him.