Saturday, March 7, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- And Yet More Birthdays and Births

Chapter 9


Alex (Ollie Purdue's step-son) goes to visit Olivia but is stuck talking to her parents instead.

He decided his best move to get her outside was to ask her to cloudgaze.

It worked!  Next thing ya know he was slipping her a kiss.  Then he asked her to be his girlfriend and they exchanged promise rings.  Why the rush?  Tomorrow is Alex's birthday.

Welcome to young adulthood Alex!


Olivia had a great time at Alex's party.  She's excited because tomorrow is her birthday!

Alice (Olivia's Mom) sets herself on fire cooking!

So much for breakfast.

Luckily birthday parties have caterers.  Olivia's now a young adult.

As soon as she's aged up she invites Alex to live with her.  You can tell his response was yes. :)


Next door Sebastian Jones is becoming a young adult too!

He celebrates by going to the gym with his sister Buffy.


Alexander Goth is building a rocketship.  I'm going to see the stars.  He says.

Inside Charlie Goth is aging up as well.
(my mistake having so many babies at the same time)

And of course Charlie's twin Kayden.

Charlie's first step was to ask Buffy for a date and propose.  Of course she said yes, they're soulmates.


The next birthday on the list is Chandler Pancakes.  He's romancing his girlfriend Paisley Jones.

The next day Summer Holiday came to visit Bob.  She's a frequent visitor.

It's Chandler's turn to age up.


Back to the Jones household to watch Mercedes blow out the candles.


Our next birthday is Amaya Purdue.  I love that face.

She doesn't look too happy to be a teen.


Tara DaSilva ages to child.


Next door Jazmine Caliente is aging up too.
That red hair, mocha skin and green eyes are beautiful.


Cassidy tells Devon that she really wants to try again for a baby.  He says they should get married first.  Let's elope she says.  I don't want to wait 'till Carlie is a teen!

So they elope.  And now Cassidy is pregnant.


Did you hear Cassidy and Devon Eloped and now she's pregnant again?  Babs said.  Rene knew this was coming for awhile and was ready.

Will you elope with me Babs L'Amour?

Of course she said yes.  It takes a couple of tries but now they're pregnant.

Rene's gonna be a great Dad.  He's childish.

Cassidy and Babs are really excited about the babies.


 Cassidy has another girl, Krystle.


Once again I missed a birth and they had twins!   Welcome Isaias and Alisha L'Amour.


Don Lothario is enjoying single life in his new house... with no babies.

But he needs a girlfriend for his aspiration so he asks Melany.  Their relationship bar is full and she turned him down!

That's okay, Don knows lots of girls.  He invites Catalina over and she says yes.  He's so grateful he invites her to stay the night.

In the morning he sees Melany with Nina Caliente.  Could Nina be sabotaging his relationships?

Don invites Catalina on a date at the gym.  If she's gonna be his girlfriend she needs to stay in shape!


  1. OH MY! So many relationships and babies! How do you keep up!? Lol!

    1. Lists! I have lists of who's with who and I have a list of who's birthday is next in order.

  2. Oh, that Nina! *curses* She'd make a great victim if you're looking for another... ;)