Friday, March 6, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Romance, Birthdays and Babies Oh My!

Chapter 8


Andrea Landgrab (in the middle) working on her aspiration.
Her birthday is coming soon!

Andrea aged to teen.  Isn't she pretty?
Oh and she did complete her aspiration.


Speaking of birthdays, Mortimer Goth is an elder!

Marissa works on her aspiration too.
She wants to be like her big sister Cassandra.

Marissa ages to teen.  A couple of days later Alexander ages to young adult.

Cassandra decides to move into the old house next door.
She's almost halfway to adult!

The next morning Cassandra sees a guy lurking outside of the house.
She goes out to ask him why he's there.  He says he just heard someone was finally living here again and he's glad because he loves this house.

Cassandra gives Gunther a tour of the house and he finds this clay.

He made a rabbit.

He listened to her play violin.

Gunther has been living on an empty lot.
Here's the house I got him: Red Velvet built by Fridaceder bratt.

The next day Cassandra comes to visit him.
He just got home from work.
It's not much but it's home he says.
He tries to flirt but they both become embarassed so he asks her to leave.

Cassandra is still embarassed when she gets home.  She goes for a swim in her little pool to think.
Last time Gunther flirted she wasn't embarrassed so what changed?  She'll have to apologize. 

Cassandra's good friend Andrea stops by the next day and Cassandra tells her all about Gunther.  Andrea thinks she should go for it.

The day after that Gunther comes to visit and Cassandra asks him to be her boyfriend and move in and they celebrate with their first kiss.

Charlie Goth is jealous of his sister's new relationship.  He decides that today is the day he tells Buffy Jones how he feels about her.  But when he gets there, she's surrounded by family.

He takes her to the Family Park so they can be semi-alone.

After a couple of minutes of flirting she starts to leave.  He runs after her and kisses her. Then she leaves.  (I don't know why this keeps happening.  My sims have their first kiss and one leaves.)

He invites her on a date to the Rattlesnake Juicebar.  He even dresses up.  But her brother and sister plus a bunch of others surround them.  He finally gets her alone and asks her to be his girlfriend.


Buffy knows it's crazy being attracted to Charlie Goth but he makes her laugh and he's so romantic.  He is a little younger than her, but that's not a problem.  She can't believe she's about to age to young adult!

Buffy stays home from school and works on her friend of the world aspiration.  What's the point in school when you're about to age up anyway?

Buffy called Charlie over before her birthday party.  They exchange promise rings to show she'll wait for him.

Buffy's birthday was more of a success this time around.


Over in Oasis Springs Andre is telling Dina he wants to have a baby.  She agrees she wants one too and before ya know it they're pregnant!

Dina invites her twin Nina over to tell her the big news.  Nina isn't as happy as Dina thought she would be.


You want me to what?  Don asked.  Give me a baby.  Nina shouted back.  I already have 2 girlfriends and if there's gonna be a baby in this house I'm gone!  He replies.

Nina invites her love interest Tyrone over and explains the problem.  I just want a baby nothing else.  He agrees and now Nina is pregnant like her sister.


Don made good on his threat.  As soon as he heard Nina was pregnant he moved out.  This is Modern Pool Villa built by Meryl2002.


Dina's friend Babs L'Amour comes to visit.  She can't resist a baby bump.  Dina's in her 3rd trimester already!  When Babs leaves Dina thinks Rene better watch out cuz that girl's got baby fever!

Andrea and Dina had a baby girl Tara.


Next door just a couple of hours later Nina gives birth to a girl Jazmine.


  1. I must say my favs are probably Gunther and Cassandra and then Charlie and Buffy. ;) I just love 'em both.

    1. Charlie and Buffy are my favorites by far. I'm just itching to play them but I have to tell myself there's other stories to tell!

  2. Good for Don! He's got a nice place of his own and I'm sure he'll be much happier :) I'm so surprised at how fast everyone is aging up. Time flies!

    1. I know! I've got it on long and they're aging up faster than I can keep up with. I've even stopped aging a couple of times just to catch up.

  3. I use MC and when I wasn't looking in my Swanson save- Don finally settled down with none other then Summer Hoilday!!

    1. Oh how funny! I love MC Command Center. I never played Summer's house before. She was good friends with Bob Pancakes though.