Thursday, March 5, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Love Is In The Air & Murder

Chapter 7


Babs goes across the street to visit her friend Cassidy Purdue.
She can't resist seeing the baby.  She's so cute and cuddlly.
As she holds the baby she thinks mabye being a serial romantic isn't what she wants.
Mabye she wants a soulmate like Cassidy has.

Babs decides the first thing she needs before a man is to remodel her house.  
After all, most of the neighbors have.

Modern Family home built by GKennedyy1.

Babs goes to the wedding venue for some inspiration and fantasizes about weddings.

Her first stop on her man search is the gym, not much luck there.

She does meet this guy in a hotdog costume.  Made her hungry.

She spent days going to parks and bars and anywhere else she could think of.
Then she met Rene Scales walking by her house!

Babs asks Rene on a date and they have their first kiss.

They have another date at her house and she asks him to be her boyfriend and move in.
Babs is a lot happier now and looking forward to the future with Rene.


Back to the baby that started it all!  Carlie Purdue has aged up to child.


Over in Oasis Springs things are going great between Johnny Zest and June Kay.
So good that Johnny decides to propose.

They elope immediately.  No time like the present.

Johnny wanted to remodel the trailer a bit to celebrate.
This is Cozy Trailer Home (a renovation of Johnny's home) built by RoOoAr5.
I changed it a little and added a pool.

June and Johnny decide to adopt.
June goes down to the adoption center and brings home Zachary.
(I did change him out of the pink shirt)

Zach gets to know his new Dad by telling him jokes.


I realized that I have never played the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household.  Oliva aged up to teen looking horrible.  So I went there and gave her a makeover.

Here's Olivia Spencer.  Yea, I shortened her name.

Olivia's grandparents died but there's no urns.  I guess you have to be playing a family to have a ghost.

Olivia went to visit Alex, Ollie Purdue's step-son, but ended up talking to his Mom instead.

The next day Olivia invites Alex to the Family Park.
They're good friends now.


Okay guys this part I blame on insomnia+migraine...

Yes, the day has come.  Eliza must go.  I built a glass box in the park.
I'm so evil.

This guy comes to take a closer look.

Finally Eliza's time comes.
Bob and Chandler didn't get any moodlets from her death.

There were lots of visitors making sure Bob and Chandler were okay.
The first was Bob's friend Summer Holiday.

Then when Chandler got home Cory, Alex and Paisley all stopped by to check on him.

Paisley stayed to work on homework.  They're good friends.

Bob decides it would be easier on both of them if they had a new house.
Plus he really wants a pool.
Modern Familyhome by KevKevKiller.

Summer visits Bob every day.

Paisley visits every day too.

Bob decides to take Chandler on vacation to Granite Falls.

Chandler goes fishing and Bob plays horseshoes.

Bob and Chandler enjoy the fire before their vacation ends.

As soon as they get back Paisley is there.

Chandler decides to just go for it and kiss the girl!
Then he asks her to be his girlfriend.
(My first teen romance squeeee!)


Next door to the Pancakes are Steve and Cory Fogel.

Steve is about to age up to adult and wants to shape up.

Turns out Steve has a romantic interest!
Her name is Constance Leyva and I had him invite her to the park.
 Feeling spontaneous, Steve proposes to Constance!
(I had thought I took a pic of the proposal but it's not there)

Constance gets to know Cory.

Steve ages to adult.
I'm assuming so do a lot of the sims I started the game with.

Steve and Constance get married.

Everyone had a great time.

They have a wild wedding night and now she's pregnant!

Constance set the grill on fire and ran.
Steve had to put it out.

Constance's mother comes to visit and dies on the front porch!
Grim stays and talks to Cory.

Malcolm comes to visit and Cory tells him all about the Grim Reaper.

Constance in her 3rd trimester.

It's a boy!  Evan Fogel.

Evan ages up to child.

Finally Cory ages up to teen!


  1. Bwahahaha about Eliza! I'm surprised the husband didn't have any issues with his wifey dying. Of course, doing it on a different lot could have had something to do with that. Still, the game. :rolls eyes:

    1. I know! They should be affected no matter what lot they're on. That drives me crazy.

  2. Why am I not surprised? LOL What a great chapter, though!

    1. Hehehe I'm bad. I doubt I'll kill off any more sims. Glad you liked the chapter.