Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Celebration Time

Chapter 4

Malcolm Landgraab stands outside of the house that is now his and decides it's time to remodel.
His father didn't want to live in the house he had with his mother and he doesn't want to live in the house he had with his parents.  It's time to make it his.

He picks this house Modern Family DreamHouse built by miquette06.
Malcolm's not sure what he'll do with a house made for kids but he likes it.
He'll just ignore the kids rooms for now.  He picks up the phone and joins the criminal career.
Then goes upstairs and breaks a dollhouse.  Now he feels better...
Until he asks the futurecube about his love life and it says he has a bleak romantic future.
He's not too happy about that.  Stupid futurecube!  What's it know anyway?
He goes to bed that night thinking about his big empty house.

I decide to play Geoffrey's house until Ashlie has the baby.
Turns out she's good friends with Bella Goth.

Geoffrey can't believe that she's in her third trimester already!

It's a girl!  Andrea Landgrab.


Meanwhile at the Fogel household Cory aged to child.
Steve's thinking another baby might be fun.


I switch to the Goth's only to find that Alexander and Cassandra only have 16 days until they age up!
Bella reads to Alexander for his aspiration.

After seeing Mortimer in his swimsuit I decide it's time for some makeovers.
I change some of Bella and Mortimers clothes.

Bella convinces Mortimer to try for a girl since Cassandra will be grown up soon.
It took a couple of tries but she's once again expecting.

Bella decides they need a bigger house to accommodate the new baby.
This is Backler Mansion built by Merlliah.
For some reason like 50 items went into family inventory when the house was placed.
It took forever to place what I could figure where it went and sell the rest.

Kayden completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

Bella in her third trimester.

 Ok so I cheated.  Bella had another boy and I aged him up and used cas to make it a girl.  
I'm bad I know!

Meet Marissa Goth.

Alexander got an A in school and completed his aspiration.


Meanwhile Andrea Landgrab ages up to child.  She's got a funny hat like Chandler Pancakes.


This venue is called Outdoor Wedding built by spknott.
It's time for Ollie and Trinity's wedding!

The guests roam around.

Look at that rock!

Yay they're married!

Cassidy Purdue wasn't too happy.
She didn't even dress up.

Elora Jones was the caterer.

Everyone danced the night away.

Trinity was partied out.

The next day I discover Cassidy has a love interest.
I kinda cheated and tweaked his looks a bit.
 They go for a date at the museum.

 Go Cassidy!  They had some onlookers for their first kiss.


Back to the Goth family... it's the weekend and Charlie has a aspiration to work on.  He goes to the Jones house first but only Mercedes and Buffy are home and he's friends with Buffy.

He makes friends with Mercedes.

Next he visits the Pancake house.  He makes friends with Bob.

Then he makes friends with Chandler.

After making friends with Eliza he completes his aspiration.

Alexander and Cassandra have their birthdays.

Cassandra and Alexander (after makeovers)

The party guests finally come in when it's time for cake.


  1. Malcolm is definitely a handful. Lol

    "Bella in her third trimester....stinking up the house." Haha!

    Ollie and Trinity's wedding was adorbs! <3

    Cassandra turns out super cute!

    1. LOL Yea I love playing Malcolm and making him do evil things. I find the weddings stressful so I'm glad you liked it. And yes Cassandra is a hottie.

  2. Wow, that's a great house you found for Malcolm, and the Purdue wedding was gorgeous!! I'm enjoying your story a lot :)

    1. That house is a freaking maze. So is the Goth's house. LOL I'm glad you're enjoying the story. :)