Monday, March 2, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Oh The Drama!

 Chapter 3


We left off with Johnny sharing his feelings for June.  June comes by the house often and stays for hours.

Johnny asks June if she would like to live with him and be his girlfriend.

She says yes and they whoohoo to celebrate.
No more going to bed alone.


I pop over to the Jones's house, Paisley has been a baby for quite awhile.

Paisley aged up to child  She got her father's brown hair and eyes.

The Jones family has 4 kids each working on a different aspiration:

Buffy is a social butterfly and needs more friends.  She invites Cassandra Goth over.
(no idea why she's in her underwear)

Sebastion is a rambunctious scamp.  He needs to practice typing.

Mercedes is an artistic prodigy.  She's drawing pictures.

Paisley is a whiz kid.  She's playing chess with her Dad.

*Btw Cassandra didn't count towards Buffy's list of friends.  I guess no teenagers.

Elora goes to visit her friend June and meets her boyfriend Johnny.

On Saturday Elora and Buffy visit the Goths.  Buffy makes friends with all of them and finishes her social butterfly aspiration.


Enough time with the Jones's!  I switch to a new house: Andre DaSilva.  He's at the Blue Velvet nightclub.

Andre meets Nina Caliente outside and they quickly become friends.

I was just watching sims go by when I saw this clown.  Turns out it's Johnny Zest!

Soon after Nina leaves Dina her twin shows up!  Could there be a competition between sisters?

 The next day Andre invites the Caliente sisters to the library.
Nina doesn't seem too happy.

 Dina follows Andre into the library and chats.  Nina leaves.
Later Nina shows up at his house, talk about mixed signals.

The next day Dina shows up at his house.
Andre is feeling confused.

I switch over to the Caliente household to check their relationship panels.  Nina is lovebirds with some guy named Tyrone Bernal!


Then I decide to visit the Purdue household to see how things are going and Cassidy is not happy.  I go to the Fogel household and move him so that Cassidy can live next door to her twin.  While there I find that he's lovebirds with a high relationship with none other than Nancy Landgrab!

Steve Fogel moves to Brook Bungalo behind the Pancakes house.
He wonders what he's going to do with this big house.


Cassidy is much happier in the house next to Ollie.  All those people in the house were driving her nuts!

She goes to the park and plays her guitar keeping an eye out for any handsome men.
She doesn't have much luck.

 I think Steve Fogel wants kids.  I saw him at the park talking to the kids while Cassidy was there.


Finally I switch to the Landgraabs only to find that Malcolm only has 3 days until aging up!  Cassandra still has like 20.  I'm confused.

 To my surprise Steve Fogel shows up!  I have Nancy flirt with him and Geoffry stomps away.

Gotta test the limits!  Steve asks Nancy if they can have a baby.
Geoffry walks in and starts crying.
Nancy is pregnant with Steve's baby!

Geoffrey got  Fliry Spouse and Doomed Relationship moodlets.  Nancy got a Caught With Another moodlet.

Nancy tells Geoffrey she wants a divorce.

Nancy in her 3rd trimester.

Now this is an awkward situation.

Malcolm ages up to young adult.
His last trait is ambitious.

Nancy gives birth to a boy, Cory Fogel.  After Cory was born Steve came to the house and asked Nancy and the baby to come live with him.

Steve knows what he'll do with this big house now.

Sick and tired of his son's evilness and not wanting to see the house he shared with his ex-wife Geoffrey moves out and leaves the house to Malcolm.

Geoffrey's new house:
Paraiso Desertico by Nicorajo.

As soon as the house is built Malcolm comes to visit.

Geoffry is out meeting ladies when Nancy walks by.

He meets this stinky lady sleeping on a bench.

Geoffrey invites Ashlie Echos (the bench lady) over to his new house.

Geoffrey doesn't waste his time making a move.
Unfortunately after they kiss she has to go.

Geoffrey goes to visit Johnny.
He hopes they can patch things up but Johnny leaves after he gets there.

The next day Geoffrey asks Ashlie to be his girlfriend and move in with him.  He tells her about his ex-wife and how it made him want a baby again.  They try and she becomes pregnant!


Meanwhile at Ollie Purdue's house...

 Ollie asks Trinity to marry him.

She says yes!
Looks like they have a wedding to plan.


  1. Honestly, I'm surprised that Geoffrey did anything. I thought the jealousy didn't really happen. I guess it does. Ooh, I'd better watch out. Thanks for testing that! :D

    1. Oh yea jealousy happens. I saw a lot of it when I did the 100 baby challenge.

  2. Oh, divorces always make me somewhat sad :( Good thing Geoffrey met the bench lady--she seems real nice :) How cute!

    1. LOL @ "The Bench Lady". Yea they were happy together.