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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TS2 Going Oldschool- We Got A Rotation Going On

Chapter 4

So I was just playing and about to start the rotation over and realized it's been DAYS since I've done an update!  Sooooo much has happened!  I might not have taken pictures of everything because truthfully I'm so into the game and the characters I don't think about it.  Normally I play with the intention being that I'm going to be blogging about it.  With Sims 2 I'm playing and as an afterthought I might make a note of something or take a picture.  It's crazy.  So I started out with just one sim and her cat and now I'm rotating through 9 households!  (Okay now that I wrote this I realize there's a lot of gaps and this is a long period of time I'll try to be better with my next post sorry.)
  • David and Jimmy, the oldest Marx twins, went away to college.
 Rhys gets a new puppy after Scruffy dies.

  • Rhys and Sierra get sick (probly because they keep going outside socializing) and I can't get them to rest.  After a day they are fine but I've read sickness can lead to death if you don't take care of your sim, what if they won't let you!?
  • Jimmy and David spend their first days at university but nothing of note happens.
  • I started playing the Pleasants household to get the girls skills up some.  My favorite is Lillith.
  • When I played the Goths Mortimer and Don are enimies.  I don't know if this happened after Don moved in or what but they fight constantly.  Should'a gotten a pic of that!
 Studly ages up to adult.  I've yet to potty train this darn dog.  He pees then does something else so when I go to have someone scold him it's the other thing they would be scolding him for.  Ugh.

Cassandra gives birth to Maxwell Goth.

  • I decided to send Monica Marx to college since she already has all the skills she'll need for her future job.  Her twin Alex will stay home working on making robots.
  • Then I sent Lillith Pleasant to college leaving her sister Angela at home because 1. I don't like Angela and 2. Angela's grades kept dropping and I don't know why.
  • I created a teenage girl for Alex since he hasn't met any and all his wishes are related to relationships since he's a family sim.  Her name is Eliza Dutchess.  (I later killed her Mom using SimBlender aging, she was really annoying.)
 Alex and Eliza after their 1st kiss.  They are now going steady and just waiting for Monica to finish college to age up. (They are twins after-all)

David gets engaged to Marielle.
(He later breaks the engagement because she turns out to be a brat.)

Jimmy plays kicky back with Lillith Pleasant and Tara.  He's dating both.  By the time he leaves college he's "in love" with like 5 girls in the dorm!

Alex "in the zone" making his first servo!  I had to keep using simblender to up his needs I was so excited!

I played the house an extra day and kept Alex home from school.  The servo is name Ms. Bot.

I sent Alexander Goth to college too.  Him and Monica still have chemistry, 3 lightning bolts to be exact!  They're engaged now.

 Sierra Marx got promoted and now takes a freakin' helicopter to work.  When I saw this I freaked out!

The grim reaper came for Snuggles the cat.  Ya gotta think, she was Rhys's cat when he was a teenager and his Mom gave her to him after college.
(If you're wondering about the piles of trash the clean bot malfunctioned and nobody is home to stop it)

Maxwell Goth ages to toddler.  Mortimer died the night this picture was taken.

  • David and Jimmy graduate from college.  I put in an apartment building in the neighborhood and they have apartments next to each other.
  • David invites over Marielle (that he's engaged to) and breaks up then invites Frances who he got hearts whenever he saw her at school and proposes.
 Frances and David on their wedding day.  I can't believe you can only invite 2 guests!

  • Alex makes a servo for Jimmy.  Jimmy names him Zeek.  Jimmy invites Lillith for his first whoohoo.  Then unfortunately several other girls.  I really like them together and thought the romance sim aspiration would be fun but it's getting old.
 Rhys and Sierra age to elder.

She looks pretty good for an old lady.

They throw a golden anniversary party and invite all the kids.

Another party pic.  Oh did I mention Frances (David's wife) is pregnant?

David and Frances have a little girl named Samantha.


  1. How many guests you can invite to your parties depends on your computer's capacity.

    1. It seems to be the size of the houses. The ones with houses could invite 8 while the ones with apartments could only invite 2.


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