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Friday, May 1, 2015

TS2 Going Oldschool- This Is Gonna Be A Long One!

Chapter 5

My experience with Sims 2 has changed as I've learned more and gotten used to things that at first surprised me.  I had this whole scenario in my head of what I wanted to happen to my sims and once that scenario was played out I hit a wall.  Hence the creation of the vampire and witch.  Vampire and witch you ask?   Yea well, I do want to experience everything this game has to offer.  I know I haven't touched the tip of the iceberg as far as things to do, It's just finding them and doing them.  So here it is the loooooooong update:

Monica Marx graduated from university and gets an apartment in the building with her brothers, next to David.  I had hoped this would help with David's noise problems but it hasn't.

Monica, David and Jimmy chatting outside of the apartments.  I think it's so cool they can interact when I'm not playing them.

Now that his twin is an adult Alex is aged up to adult as well.  Him and Ms. Bot move out.  At first I was going to move them to the apartments too but the only one left is super expensive.

First Alex moved in with Eliza and I aged her up but I hated that house and Alex wants a robot selling business (I'm not even sure if he can do that now.) so I found this house on Mod the Sims called #22 CrumpleTop Lane.  It took a bit for me to figure out how to download a house since I'd tried once before and failed but I got it!

Alex rolled the want to be engaged and then married so here's the wedding party.

After the wedding the neighborhood welcoming commitee stopped by and the whole group went crazy playing kicky-bag.

  • Later that day they both rolled the wish to have a baby so they tried for baby and I heard the chimes.
  • I play Rhys and Sierra Marx next.  It was really weird and kinda boring playing them with no  kids left in the house.  The house is also way too big.
 I play Lilith Pleasant for 2 days so she can graduate.  Now it's just Alexander Goth left at university.  I moved Lilith into the last apartment slot.  I still have hopes to get her and Jimmy together.

  • David and Frances adopted a dog and it was an elder!  I was so mad.  It costed a lot of money and had no special skills either.  Frances was low in her mood bar and I was trying to fulfill one of her wishes to get it up.
  • Jimmy's servo Zeek went crazy and had to be repaired.  He was running around like a maniac!
 Okay so I decided I wanted a same-sex couple in the neighborhood.  It took a lot of fooling around and searching online but I finally got Angela Pleasant to like girls.  Then she called the matchmaker.  She was matched up with Brittney and they got along great.  Only problem is there was no "propose" button.  So more searching and I find one person said that in their case the other sim was in college.  So I close the game, go to SimPE and sure enough she's in college.  So I uncheck college and open the game and finally am able to propose Brittney move in.  Whew!

I play Alexander Goth 3 days to finally graduate him.  Now I have nobody at university and I'm sad, I like university in Sims 2... hated it in Sims 3.

First I moved him back home at the Goths temporarily so that he can summon aliens.  He gets abducted and moves out and in with Monica.  Neither of them have the wish to get married so I don't marry them.

  • For some reason when I'm playing Jimmy his brother David's wife keeps trying to kiss him!  I keep having to cancel the action.  Finally I used SimBlender and put their relationship to -20 hopefully that stops it.
 David and France's daughter Samantha ages to toddler.

  • Alexander is pregnant with an alien baby and rolled the wish to become a werewolf!  I'm thinking about it.
  • Lilith Pleasant proposed to Jimmy and he said yes!  I was like holy cow he said yes.  :)
Angela and Tiffany are united.

  • Jimmy asked Lilith to move in with him and actually got the wish to marry Lilith!
 There was no room in the apartment for an arch so they just said their vows in their regular clothes with just Jimmy's parents there.  But that's kinda their style, they're more laid back.  Once they were married they both rolled the baby want.  I guess they'll have to move.

Samantha learning to walk after drinking smart milk.  She's already been potty trained.  That stuff is great.

Alex and Eliza have a baby boy Simon.  
(Sorry about the darned walls)

I got this apartment building off of Mod the Sims it's by ChicaGuapa called Giulianella.  I moved both sets Marx twins and their families in.... After playing in it awhile I feel it's too small and hard to maneuver around in.  I found another building and have put it down just haven't moved anyone yet. 

 Alexander gives birth to an alien son Cosmo.  He was outside getting the mail, lol.

Alex and Eliza's son Simon ages up.  What the heck is he wearing?  I've gotta find out how to change toddlers clothes!

  • Mary-Sue and Daniel Pleasant move out leaving the house to Angela and Brittney.
 Angela adopts a toddler Benjamin.  The caseworker just walked into the yard and dropped him in the snow then left!

Lilith gives birth to a baby girl Talin.

  • I removed the 2x lifespan mod but it doesn't affect the sims already under it's spell until they age to their next lifestage, ugh.  I thought that would make things easier if they went faster since I play them a day each from 7am-7am.
  • I downloaded a "nursing home" apartment thing and put the Pleasants and the Marx into it.  The rooms are really small.
I got bored so I made a new sim named Draco Vinx and his dog Succubus.  I'm going to make him a vampire.  Mwahahahaha.  He used the matchmaker and found the perfect girl Allegra.  He couldn't ask her to move in so I had to go to SimPE and take her out of college then she moved in and got engaged.

The next day after making Draco a vampire and being bored with it I decided to make a witch.  So this is my newest sim Ester and she's my first CC sim.  She's about to become a witch, I hope.

Yay she meets the good witch!

And now Ester is a witch cool deal.

  • I got Ester a house off of Mod the Sims (didn't write down which house sorry).  Then called the matchmaker.  She kept dropping elder sims so it's a good thing Ester used motherlode.  Finally she dropped Jimmy and he seemed good looking and had 2 lightning bolts.  Once again he was in college so back to SimPE to take him out.  They got married right away.  She gave birth to twin girls (I cheated and used force twins) and named them Sabrina and Matilda.
 I switch back to Draco and Allegra and they get married.  No wants for babies yet.  Actually they both keep having stupid wishes and I'm like ugh wish for a baby!  LOL

So I'm not sure where I'm going with this right now.  I want to play one of each of the supernatural species and try out more of the Open For Business and vacation (forget the expac name) stuff.  I'll try to update more regularly as it's a real pain with this many pictures.  Any suggestions leave a comment.  ;)


  1. One thing I LOVED about Sims 2, is that the sims can interact and their relationships with other sims can be affected, even when you aren't playing them, but they don't age or change (like with Story Progression). It is fun to see your sims about when you aren't playing them, and comforting to know they are "safe" from changes you wouldn't want.

    1. Yea changes like the incest bug or the romantic relationships with other sims suddenly appearing. I know I have control and I like that. If one of my sims cheats it'll be because I decided it was part of the story.


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