Friday, May 8, 2015

TS2 Going Oldschool- Another Long One

Chapter 6

I really think I'm getting the hang of this game.  And yet every day I find something new.  There's going to be a huge gap where I didn't take any pictures or write anything down for the blog so I'll try to fill it in by memory.  Sorry about that!

Maxwell Goth aged to child and this is what he was wearing, poor kid.  As you can see I've already taken him to the dresser to look for a more suitable outfit.

  • That night Mortimer haunted the house all night scaring everyone.  Including waking up Maxwell and scaring him!
  • I moved Jimmy, Lilith and the new baby to the new apartment building.  I got it furnished and then sold what I didn't need.  Jimmy put the baby into the crib and she and the crib disappeared!  He got her out of the invisible crib to feed her and I stopped freaking out until I noticed that Jimmy and Lilith's bed and a couple other things were also apparently invisible.  I searched the forums forever until I found a mention of the stuck object remover.  Well yes I had that and had no clue what it did.  I put it down where the invisible stuff was and poof it nuked them all.  I was then able to buy new furniture.  I didn't have this problem when I moved the rest of the families into their apartments later.
Here's a pic of the new apartment building. They have the 4 ground floor apartments.  Those trees on the right are a nuisance.  The landlady doesn't take care of them and my sims don't have time.

  • After Monica and Alexander move into their apartment they try for baby and I hear the chimes.
 Alexander summons the head of the werewolf pack using the mailbox and makes friends with him.

After hours of play Balin the werewolf nibbles Alexander.  The annoying part is the whole neighborhood has an opinion about Alexander becoming a werewolf.  Every house I go to wants Alexander cured and fears him howling. 

So Cassandra and Don both had the wish for a baby but they're too old in my opinion to have a baby so I got a mod that lets adoption fulfil that wish.  Meet Devon Goth.

  • Lilith is promoted to level 10 of the music career gaining her a platinum aspiration meter.
 It's Samantha, David and Frances's daughter's birthday.

Oh these outfits they start out with!

  • Moments after Samantha's birthday their dog Fai-Zai died.  As you might remember when they adopted him he was an elder.
  • Everyone has a wish for a puppy but the only puppy on adoption is doofis and pigpen so I made a black lab and a poodle and put them into the house and had them try for puppies.
 Alexander's alien son Cosmo aged to toddler.  At least he's dressed okay.

  • Alex started a robot store with a store I found on Mod The Sims.  He didn't do very well and got a bad review within hours and finally hired an employee.  Later I put in a bunch of stuff to do and restroom, shower, vending machines and put a ticket machine.  I spent a fortune but had a blast.
 So this is my latest victim.  Marigold Bloom and I swear this was her first action after moving in.  The irony of smell the flowers is that I am going to make her a plant sim.

I infest the trees and she sprays them repeatedly.

That was easy!  She's so pretty.

  • I once again used the matchmaker and Marigold met Warren Owens.  They had 3 lightning bolts.  He was dressed as a chef so I looked him up and he's a cuisine npc but playable so she moved him in.
 The servo Zeek helped Talin, Jimmy and Lilith's baby age up.  I later gave her hair poor girl.

Alex and Eliza's son Simon ages to child.

  • My vampire Draco and his wife Allegra finally rolled the want to have a baby.  Now it's just getting her pregnant when one of them isn't sleeping.
 Sweetheart the poodle gave birth to 4 puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls.  They gave the father Rover to Alexander.

  • Monica and Alexander have a little girl Emy.
  • Marigold the plant-sim is pregnant.  I'll have her have a plant baby when this one is older.
 Jimmy and Lilith bought a vacation home.  They went to a bunch of community lots and I look forward to taking more sims on vacations.

Angela and Brittney Pleasant's son Benjamin aged up to child.

Jimmy and Lilith's daughter Talin aged to child.

Cosmo ages to child.

Ester (the good witch) daughter's aged to child.  This is Matilda.  I didn't get a pic of Sabrina for some reason. :(

Ok I know what you're thinking but no, I did not cheat twins this time!  Completely random twins for Draco and Allegra.  I ended up having Allegra quit her job because I didn't want to deal with the stupid Nanny again.  Oh and their names are Tre (boy) and Tori (girl).

The Goth's oldest son aged to teen.  He rolled the knowlege aspiration.  (I'm still using a number randomizer for the aspirations cuz I can't pick!)

  • The puppies that I'd hoped to make labradoodles just look like poodles.  I kept the one that was potty trained and gave the rest up for adoption.
 David's daughter Samantha aged to teen.  She rolled the fortune aspiration.

Devon Goth aged to teen and rolled the pleasure aspiration.

So as you can see I played a lot since kids were aged from toddler to child or child to teen in one post.  Sheesh.  I just get into it.  There were a lot of birthdays and more to come!  One thing I didn't mention is that Rhys and Sierra Marx are about to die so are giving things away to their children so they don't leave a bunch of money to waste.  The kids bought business/community lots that I downloaded with some of the money and will buy vacation homes with some more.


  1. I wonder if the labrador part will show up next generation. Dog genetics are not my area of expertise, though. If it is like sim genetics in Sims 2, there are regions of the face that are dominant in males and others dominant in females, certain eye colors and hair colors that are dominant-- I think the Prima guides have the breakdown.

    1. Hmmm I don't know. I was disappointed with 5 poodles in the house though that's for sure! I was reading a bit on the dominant genetics and wow is it confusing!