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Thursday, April 23, 2015

TS2 Going Oldschool- Where'd Daddy Go?

Chapter 2

Today I learned my lesson on when to save and exit the game.  I had been playing Rhys and Sierra's parents then switched back to their house.  A few minutes later I get a notification that Rhys has taken a vacation day.  I'm like what the heck he's at work?  So I wait and he never comes home from work.  I'm like uh-oh and close without saving.  I start back up and the same thing happens.  So I search online and the only solution I find is to use cheats to teleport him home.  Well, the SimBlender doesn't have Rhys as an option and I can't find teleport on the mailbox cheat.  I go back to the forums and find one saying to move the family out of the house and back in.  I'm so eager to try this fix I forget to pick up all the furniture!  So they move into an empty house.  *sigh*  I cheated and used motherlode to make up for all they had to spend replacing everything.  On a high note I used SimPE to change all their last names to Marx.  Yay!  

Sierra plays with Monica and Alex.  They both know all their skills now.

I swear I did nothing that would make the lady bring the lamp but she did! 

Sierra wished for happiness and fortune and I used a number randomizer to decide which of the older twins got to wish for happiness.  Jimmy won.

 This has to be one of the cutest things I've seen in the game so far.  Mom, the older twins and even toddler Alex dancing to music together.

Monica ages up to child.  I changed her hair and outfit as soon as I figured out how to.

Alex, very proud of himself for aging up to child.

The bedroom setup in the old house was fine when I needed a nursery but not so great otherwise.  I tried downloading a house off Mod The Sims but I must be doing something wrong because it's not showing up.  So instead I built a house myself.

See how I made the bedrooms just a little bed for each of them.  It has 4 bathrooms too.  It looks a bit different now because I had to re-furnish it.

All the family having dinner together.

I decided to play Rhys's parents and his Dad went to work, came home and died of old age.  The hula girls are a little bugged in this shot.  I thought it was hilarious.

 Poor Raina was so upset!  Luckily she had a platinum plumbob from having grandkids.  Yea, I had to bring the grandkids to the house for it to register.

The next day I played Sierra's parents and darned if they didn't get a lamp.  I swear to you I'm not doing anything to try to get one!  They each used fortune, bought cars, gave the cars and the lamp to Sierra.

This pic is out of order but I thought it was so cute.

Back at the Marx household it's the older twins birthdays.  David goes first.

 I used a number randomizer to choose their aspirations.  David got family.

Jimmy blows out his candles.  So cute how he uses a step stool.

He's all like woah that was weird I twirled and now I'm a teen!  Jimmy got romance for his aspiration.

I switched back to Rhys's Mom's house.  I had her give her cat Snuggles to him.  Good thing too because just after 6:00 she was fixing the broken tub and died.  I love this "finale" thing that popped up.

It let me go into buy mode and move her grave.  Look she got a special one!


  1. You are really quick, learning your way around managing your Sims 2 game and using SimPE :-) It took me years to learn what you are already doing! I'm glad you got to use the opportunity to change their last name.

  2. All I gotta say is I'd be nowhere if it wasn't for the support I've gotten at the Mod The Sims forums. As far as SimPE goes, wow that's a scary program and I couldn't do anything if I hadn't found step by step (with pictures) instructions. I'm glad I got to change their names too. Marx is like my go- to name. It's been the last name for both of my legacies and a couple other challenges.


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