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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TS2- Poverty Challenge Success

Chapter 2

Unfortunately this post will be short.  After my 2 failed attempts at the Poverty Challenge the first day I tried I barely took notes or pictures when I tried again the next day.  I started in yet another new town: Belladona Cove.  I had downloaded a different challenge approved community lot called Ed's BBQ Shack since I hated the All-In-One Shack.  Ed's was much better.  I highly recommend it over the other.  I made a totally different sim for this challenge.  A girl again because I still had hopes to succeed in getting that coveted old maid bonus.

Meet Zitella... it's Italian for spinster.

 She did not get fired from her law enforcement job.  Hooray!  Someone knocked over her trash can and she passed out putting the trash back in.  Then leader-of-the-pack showed up and played in it.

 Fast-forward.  Told ya I didn't take many pics or notes.  My entire notebook page for this challenge is calculations on how much things she needs cost and which to buy first.  I took this pic to celebrate her first bath at home!  She managed to keep her job and fish.

 Fast-forward again.  She has a bed and walls.  She spends most of her spare time relaxing in bed because if she goes outside long she freezes.

 She had a single bed so she bought a double bed when I thought she could afford a baby.  She tried with another guy named Shannon several times but failed.  She invited this guy Vincent over and he got cold and left.

 Have I mentioned how much I LOVE penguins in this game!  Apparently he thinks the snowman looks thirsty.

 This was the weirdest thing that's happened in a long time in Sims 2.  This old lady, whom I forget the name of, was chatting with Zitella for social and she says she knows the perfect man for her... would she like to go on a date with him?  Huh?  So heck I'm game.  Geoff Rutherford drops from the sky and boom 3 lightning bolts, a dream date and some whoohoo later and she's pregnant!  She had 16 days until aging to elder.  My goal was 14 so I was proud to be ahead of goal.

 Yay spring!  Boo I hate how the maternity outfits change their hair.  But hey fishing is good so I won't complain.

 Tada!  Baby Faithe was born and thus the succession is guaranteed.  3rd time's the charm apparently.  Not that it's over by a longshot.  The challenge ends when the founder's youngest grandchild dies so there's quite a bit to go still.  But with a house pretty much build and a daughter born without moving anyone in I have that old maid bonus in the bag!

Chapter 3

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