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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

TS2- Poverty Challenge... Be Careful What You Ask For!

Chapter 3

I know I have other challenges that I've been working on but for some reason I just can't stop playing this one!  It's totally addicting.  Trying to decide what to buy next or what room to build and how much I'll need before I can.  I'm loving it.  When I left off baby Faithe had just been born.  Stupid finicky Spring, the pond was frozen over again when I started back up.

 Nope, not going to work tonight and she can't fish either... so she invites Geoff over.  Two guesses what she has in mind.  Oh wait, you can see it already.  Hehe.

 The next day the pond is thawed again and Zitella fishes while Faithe sleeps.

 Faithe ages to toddler.  I was a bit disappointed, I had hoped she'd have her dad's red hair.

 Awe butterflies.

 Awe fireflies.
(Nature girl here.)

 Yesss another girl!  Her name is Ellie.  Zitella looks enthused.

 Okay, so I kept going back and forth with myself and couldn't decide if I should have another baby or not and finally decided to go for it.  Hence, Geoff is back.

 Ellie ages to toddler.  More black hair, same style as mom.

 Faithe ages to child the same day.  She has the cutest little nose.

 I will quote what I wrote down on my notepad for this picture.  "You've got to be kidding me!"  Twin girls.  I had actually been hoping for a boy just to make things interesting.  Instead I got natural twins.  Trust me, I did not want them this time around.   *sigh*  Their names are Mia and Mae.  Zitella has 5 days until aging to elder and a whopping 8 days of paid vacation.  Now to fish up the money for a second crib.

Chapter 4

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