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Monday, February 22, 2016

My PC is Alive! (Then it Died a Painful Death)

For the first time in over a year I have access to my PC!  The bad news is that my laptop died.  I have no idea where I was in my Sims 2 challenges when I saved to my external last.  Now to figure out how to merge my Sims 4 files:

On the left are my files from my PC... on the right are my files from my external hard drive from my laptop.  As you can see they have the same slot numbers.  Soooo confusing!

Yesss that's right!  Sims 4... and 3!  Holy cow I'm overwhelmed.  Now if I could just get my graphics drivers to update I'd be on cloud nine!

Update: I played Sims 3 for a day and then the computer started having problems.  The graphics card quit working and only the onboard graphics card will work.  Trying a new graphics card did not solve the problem so I am convinced it is the motherboard of this ancient beast.  I am now saving up for a new PC and will only be playing Sims 1 and similar games until then.  If you have any Sims 1 ideas or other game ideas please contact me!

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