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Monday, February 29, 2016

TS2- BaCC Rauscher 1.1: My Store Sucks!

Build a City Challenge Rauscher House Chapter 1.1: My Store Sucks!

Here's the inside of Lina's house.  It's the exact same one as Edric's, I just changed the color-scheme.

If she gets pregnant by risky pregnancy the guy moves in so I thought what the heck and picked this random guy that had been walking by the house and made friends with him.

She takes out a whopping $16,000 loan to afford this money-pit.  It's called Get Your Body In Shape.  Real original, I know.  I couldn't think of any names, lol.

Here's the outside of the money-pit.  I ended up selling some of the stuff and buying a bubble blower hoping it would make sims stay but it's not working.  They pay, run on the treadmill for a few minutes and leave.  They don't even get stinky.

Lina meditates between selling tickets to customers.  It keeps her needs from dropping.

She spent Saturday and Sunday with this guy Peter Sims.  Even though they don't seem to have any chemistry she met him at the store and kept flirting with him so I figured why not.  No risky baby yet.  Although at this point I have no idea how I would care for a baby and run the money pit.

Yesss my first fire!  2 more and someone can go into law enforcement.

Inada Chapter 1.1: Farming at Night

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