Monday, February 29, 2016

TS2- BaCC Inada 1.1: Farming at Night

Build a City Challenge Inada House Chapter 1.1: Farming at Night

Finally I get to do something about Nerissa's looks!  I've been seeing her around town all week looking like this and it drove me nuts.

She cleans up pretty good.
Notice that while I was playing with Nerissa Lukas was not in a coffin for the day.  OMG  His needs were all red!

Lukas starts his garden with tomato plants.

I have no idea why he was even cooking but I'm glad he did!  One more fire and I open up a Law Enforcement career.

The garden is actually twice this size now but I didn't want to be repetitive with the garden posts.  He now has a gold talent badge.

They did it all by themselves.  Gotta love ACR, there's a little vampy on the way!

Bellamy Chapter 1.1: Robot Master and the Cop

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