Monday, February 29, 2016

TS2- BaCC Bellamy 1.1: Robot Master and the Cop

Build a City Challenge Bellamy House Chapter 1.1: Robot Master and the Cop

So here they are Zeke and Sharla Bellamy.  Zeke had just aged to teen in the apocalypse neighborhood so they're the same age.  I figured at first all it would be between them was noogies.  I was wrong.  Okay, Sharla's ltw is to be the top of the Law Enforcement track.  All I need is one more fire and she can get into that career.  Zeke wants to marry off 6 children!  Whew.  So as the rules state I set the ACR to always try for baby but they have to either get a want for a baby or autonomously whoohoo.

Erm yea.  I figured they wouldn't autonomously whoohoo until they were adults.  I was wrong.  Sooo she's pregnant!  Shortly after getting pregnant she rolled the want for a baby, lol.

Okay so Zeke, according to the rules, is supposed to be a farmer.  But the thought of playing 2 farmers in a row each rotation sounded horribly boring.  Zeke will not only bring forth baybees he will make at least one servo household!  Yay!

Umm did you know those could catch on fire?  Yay 3 fires!  Sharla gets her job!  LMAO at the stray dog to the left of the house.

Welcome to Westwyvern baby boy Beau.

ZOMG they did it again!  And, shortly after she rolled the want for a baby.  Silly teens.

Lastly I have for you Beau aged to toddler.  He's stuck in that snazzy suit because there is no clothing store.

Reamon Chapter 1.1: From Another World

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