Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Bellamy 1.4: Double Trouble

Apocalypse Challenge Bellamy House Chapter 1.4: Double Trouble

I remembered the career rewards in one of the other houses so and couldn't wait to place the koi pond.

I put an awning on top of the house so that I could place the obstacle course.  Hehe.

Clay got a job in Journalism!

Here's the business for journalism.  Clay's gonna love working in that little hut every day.  You can get it here.

At first I was stumped on where he would get creativity, then I remembered the violin gives fun!  As far as charisma goes, I guess he'll have to wait until he's an adult unless someone knows of a fun charisma object not for toddlers, lol.

I decided to get Bonkers a Showbiz job even though it's tier 3.

Lainey teaching Bonkers how to play dead.  It's hilarious.

That's right people.  Ivy got pregnant.

Clay hits the 7 day mark at work and is promoted to level 6.  He'll stay there though because the rest needs more charisma than he got as a toddler.

Bonkers the cat got a promotion each day he worked.  He has lifted showbiz... when tier 2 is lifted.

Double trouble!  There goes my big plan to only have one baby per household.  First Zoe has twins and now Clay.

At least Grandpa Asher got to see his grand-kids.

Rauscher Chapter 3.2: This Family is Cursed

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