Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Doe 1.2: Ugh What a Stupid Mistake!

Apocalypse Challenge Doe House Chapter 1.2: Ugh What a Stupid Mistake!

As you can tell by the title I made a stupid mistake this week.  Xander wasn't getting any promotions.  Finally on Wednesday I check again to see he has everything he needs and he's short a friend!  OMG  I was soooo mad!  I would have lifted business this week if it wasn't for that.  He's now at level 9 so it should be lifted the first day of the next week that I play this house.  Sorry this one's so short, not too much happened.

I swear I no sooner than put that execu-putter down and this burglar shows up!  Good thing burglar alarms are allowed now.

The burglar doesn't get a chance to take anything before the police office comes and kicks her butt.  Oddly enough, since that day the stupid burglar calls on the phone wanting to chat with Xander almost every day!

It's time for Troy to age up to child.

What a cutie.

Orlando Bertino makes an appearance walking by the lot and Troy runs out and makes friends with him.

On dad's day off on Saturday I couldn't think of anywhere for them to go other than the military outpost.  Lilly had like one body point so I thought it was important she get some and of course I want the kids to have them too.

Now that they can hire nanny's Lilly has been looking every day for a job.  She finally found one in the Architecture career on Sunday.

 The creator of this tower called it "a genuine architectural wonder, a proof of Simarchitectural Designs' true genius" so I knew it was the perfect community lot for the Architect career.  Taking out all the beautiful landscaping and lights really sucked.  If you like the lot you can find it here.
Bellamy Chapter 1.4: Double Trouble

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