Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Bellamy 3.2: Change of Weather

Apocalypse Challenge Bellamy House Chapter 3.2: Change of Weather

We start off the week welcoming in baby boy Zeke.

I remembered that Zach is high enough level to get his career reward so he jams out instead of playing violin.

Calista needs body skill for her Dance career so she's up on the roof using the obstacle course.

I was paying attention to Ivy trying to get the grocery delivery girl to give her the basket when it popped up that Zeke was a toddler!  Oops!

Clay ages to elder. I hate his hair.  He had this cool floppy hair now he's almost bald.  *sigh*

The next day Ivy aged to elder too.  At least she kept her hair.  Both of them (with a lot of work) made 20 best friends and have platinum status.

We have seasons!  Watch the clouds, stargaze and use your telescope!  Remove your awnings!  Buy solar panels and windmills!  Buy an electric guitar or bass!  Zach has topped the Music career and lifted those restrictions!

Winter, spring, summer and fall!

That was quick... it's time for Zeke to age to child already.

Boy was he quick to grab that cake.  I had a hard time getting a pic of him.

I totally didn't stage this.  I was wondering where they were and they were cuddling on the roof.  You can see the new solar panels and windmill.  I also removed the awning.

Pine Chapter 1.2: It Happens Again!

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