Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Doe 2.3: Slack Off a Little

Apocalypse Challenge Doe House Chapter 2.3: Slack Off a Little

Everyone gets sick with a cold so Xander makes some of grandma's soup.  Funny thing is... I didn't realize that I could redeem family reward perks.  When they got sick I looked it up and it was lifted with hopelessness!  Duh.  Also, they need a bigger table but usually they don't all eat together.

Of course the burglar goes for the violin.  They're so predictable.

The police officer wins the fight but they only get $800 for a $2000 violin.  Grr.

Use your vacation days!  Influence your children!  Redeem work perks!  Have outings and dates!  Elizabeth has lifted the Slacker restrictions!

It's Bran's birthday.

At first I rolled the dice and got romance and I was like eh I don't think so.  So he's a knowledge/family sim.  His lifetime wish is to have 20 best friends.

Bran brought home Jada Parker from school.  Too bad they always bring home family, no way to meet a teen unless they walk by the house.

That weekend they visit the new Show Business lot The Running Llama.  I love it.

The human statues were cool.  I've never seen them before.
(I'm always amazed at the amount of things I still haven't seen/done in this game.)

They were all hungry so they went to The Moonlight Dance Studio for lunch.  Then they stopped by Corner Grocery to stock up the fridge.

Yay another genie lamp.  I think that makes 3 houses that have them now, even though they can't use them.

Bellamy Chapter 3.2: Change of Weather

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