Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Parker 2.3: House Party

Apocalypse Challenge Parker House Chapter 2.3: House Party

Mariah works one day a week.  It makes her very boring.  On the first day she cooked all day and filled the fridge.

*sigh*  I know.  But the temptation was there and she was different without Grayson.  All she wanted to do was kiss, flirt, ect.  Plus, I just had to see what happened.  Sorry Brittany.

I remembered afterword that the tombstone can't be moved.

Despite not having homework because of her "prep school" Jada comes home with no fun at all and plays chess or with her toybox toys until bedtime.

Yay Jada's aging to teen!

I love that outfit, I've never seen it before.  I rolled for her aspiration.  She's popularity/family and her lifetime wish is to max 7 skills.

What a picture.  He looks so proud.  He should be!  Jihoon has topped the Entertainer career!  Entertain sims all you want!  Throw parties!  Juggle!  Redeem pleasure aspiration perks!  Buy all kinds of cool stuff for parties!

Speaking of parties... the next morning Jada decides to throw a family reunion.  She only knew a few family members to invite but that's okay, I just used SimBlender to teleport them all there.

Mariah stayed in the house in her pjs all day.  At first not many sims came inside.

Then everyone started going in.

What you can't see in this picture is the like 4 people in the one bathroom!  LMAO  I had a blast watching everyone together for the first time.

Doe Chapter 2.3: Slack Off a Little

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