Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Couderc 1.2: Gonna Be a Star

Apocalypse Challenge Couderc House Chapter 1.2: Gonna Be a Star

Sorry there's not more pics from this week.  Basically Randy worked and skilled.  Shay took care of the baby/toddler.  It was pretty boring.

This is what Randy did all week.  He needs skills in cooking, cleaning, charisma and creativity.

Just when I was starting to wonder if I had a bug and Shay was never going to have the baby she went into labor.  She had a boy, Edric.

Elmo the cat ages to adult.

Edric ages to toddler.

On his last day as a toddler Show Business was finally in the newspaper.  Shay landed a job at level 7.  They had to leave Edric with the useless nanny and ended up having to cheat his needs up because she just kept playing with the violin.

Okay so Edric ages up to child.  I go to snap the pic and where are the parents?  Going upstairs to "relax".  *sigh*  So here he is as a child.

Both parents are actually off on Sunday so they go to the new nightclub I downloaded for Show Business.  It was more like a restaurant with a dj booth in the middle.  Needless to say it will be replaced.

Parker Chapter 2.3: House Party

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