Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Rauscher Chapter 4.2: Not Again!

Apocalypse Challenge Rauscher House Chapter 4.2: Not Again!

Skyler thinks making paper airplanes is all the newspaper is good for.  He still hasn't gotten an artist job!

You've got to be kidding me!  Twins, again!  Lukas and Lina.  Skyler must have a twin gene/token.

Everybody crowds into the newly remodeled nursery.  Yay for regular sized cribs!

Seriously Fallon, you had that bed for 2 whole days!

Time for the twins to age to toddlers.

First Lukas.  Red hair.  They must both have a recessive gene.

Erm, pink hair.  Okay so the game thinks it's red but pink?  *sigh*

I just thought this was cute with the dog watching them play.

Grandpa Benjamin was a big help training the twins.

I almost died laughing when she walked out the door wearing that.

Yay a genie lamp to replace the one they lost when I had to bulldoze the lot!

Lukas ages up with exactly the same hair and clothes as Bran Doe!  C'mon game!

I was so shocked at Lina's outfit that I forgot to take the UI down for the pic.

Okay, I cheated.  Sue me.  At least I didn't change her pink hair!

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