Wednesday, February 3, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Challenge 1.4: Death Execution Style

Chapter 1.4: Death Execution Style

Poor Tucker was subject to what they call a "jump bug".  He was sunken into the floor and couldn't do anything or be interacted with.  I would constantly get object error reset or delete pop-ups.  I found this forum that tells you how to figure out what's causing it but couldn't figure it out.

The family takes a trip to the military base to get Asher a teen job.

Meanwhile since I don't plan on Fallon working she spends her time making friends.  This man in particular she took a liking to.  His name is Bruce Rauscher and she has a red love heart for him!

The roaches are a constant annoyance.  They go down the stairs and onto the ground too.

Phaenoh mentioned in the apocalypse forum thread that serious kids get fun while studying.  Both Asher and Fallon have 2 points in serious so I thought I'd give it a try and it was a success!  Life became much more enjoyable after this.  Especially since both of them have the "max all 7 skills" lifetime wish just like their mom.

On the hour that she would have aged to elder Alaya handed Brandon her swarm of flies gun and asked him to shoot her.  She just couldn't accept life as a non-functioning part of the family.  The kids didn't notice when it happened.

Everyone was very upset over Alaya's death.

A few days later after getting sick to death of him causing constant errors I aged Tucker up until Grim came for him.  He haunted the house once and caused the same error while haunting.

A few days after that Brandon decided to join his wife and asked Asher to shoot him.  The teens turned their backs until he was gone.

Since they all died inside I was able to use my one move to start a little graveyard.

When Alaya haunted the house I swear she cooked a meal!  I've never seen this before.  I looked in the kitchen in the morning and there was a spoiled meal on the counter.

Fallon took all the deaths really hard.  She would stop doing stuff to cry instead.

One day when Asher was at work Fallon was lonely and invited Bruce over.

When she told Bruce she might be pregnant he moved in and married her.

He got a job in politics so that I can ignore chance cards... wouldn't you know he got fired a few days later by a chance card and is now in law instead.

Chapter 2.1: Bow Down to Kim the Roach Hunting Cat!

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