Wednesday, February 3, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Challenge 2.2: Above the Law

Chapter 2.2: Above the Law

We start off with the youngest of the babies, Zoe, aging to toddler.

Grayson saw this cute little girl Brittany Parker walking by outside.  Being homeschooled, he was very excited to make friends with her.  They played outside for hours.

Asher tops the military career and lifts all tier 1 restrictions!  In addition to that service pet can now be lifted as well.  :)

Xander ages to a child.

I think he's the cutest of them all.

Uncle Asher was potty training Zoe when this happened.  O.o

With tier 1 lifted the newspaper delivery starts again.  And look!  The paperboy is Derek from the Awesimsauce challenge!

It's time for Zoe to age to a child.

I sure hope she grows into that hair cuz I'm not liking it.

If you were wondering about the sleeping arrangements... I found a set of "bunk beds" that work.

Grayson ages to teen.

He turned out pretty cute.

Remember the little girl Brittany?  She got to age up with Grayson!  They're going steady now.

Fallon achieves her lifetime aspiration.

Grayson checks the newspaper every day for one of the jobs that I want to unlock.  By the time Zoe is a teen there's 4 of them looking!

Yes, another birthday.  Xander ages to teen.

Not bad.

Mom takes the boys to the military post to increase their body skill.

Asher achieves his lifetime aspiration.

*sigh*  I swear it's the last birthday... in this post.

Zoe ages to teen.  I guess the hair looks a little better.

 Finally!  What you've waited the whole post for!  Bruce topped his career and lifted the law restrictions!  Sims can now move out of the house and I can lock wants!  Hell yea!

Bellamy Chapter 1.1: Movin' On Out

Next chapter coming s

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