Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Couderc 1.1: Getting Spooky

Apocalypse Challenge Couderc House Chapter 1.1: Getting Spooky

Since Skyler didn't show up at home at the Rauscher house until "Friday" I changed the day to Friday when Shay started.

Shay Rauscher stands on the steps of her new home.  Yes, I used the Parker house again.  But I totally re-did the interior.

I originally planned to make a 3rd floor but I realized that I really didn't need it yet.  I made the single bedroom into a mini-bath and left the other room for a baby.

Once I play tested this I realized that the chess table by the stairs wouldn't work.  It's a bit re-arranged now.

Remember Randy?  They met when Shay was in her last semester of college.  Shay invites him to move in with her.  He's a family/knowledge sim, wants to have 3 kids graduate college, actually has skills and a college diploma!  Not sure about the 3 kids thing, lol.

Okay, horrible pic.  But you get the point.  He asked her to marry him.

After an impromptu bout of whoohoo they get married.

Shay wanted to obtain a pet and Randy wanted to adopt a kitten so say hello to Elmo.

Okay so Randy has memories of graduating college and even has a diploma but I was shocked when he checked the paper and Paranormal was the first option!  It was only level 1 but I was like hell yea!  I was kicking myself for not sending Tori Bellamy to college to do Paranormal.

After that exciting news let's make a baby!

They went to Milez Car Emporium and got some rides.  But didn't go anywhere else because Shay's needs were too low.

Here's the paranormal lot.  For some reason the flowers didn't show up.  You can see it here.
(BTW I'm a huge Phantom of the Opera fan.)

I think the kitten playing with this toy is the cutest thing ever!

Parker Chapter 2.2: Tier 2 Complete!

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