Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Parker 2.2: Tier 2 Complete!

Apocalypse Challenge Parker House Chapter 2.2: Tier 2 Complete!

Baby Jada ages to toddler.
(Ugh I know, I didn't update their house.  I was just burnt out by the time I got to them and couldn't think how I wanted to add on to the house so I did nothing.  Eventually I did a little near the end but not much, poor Parker's.)

You've got to be kidding me!  He was only 64!  His mother Fallon lived to 84!  Poor Jada must have had a "relative dies" fear because her meter went full red.  He was just playing with her and all the sudden the game got super laggy and I looked and there was Grim coming in.  I'm so sad.

The whole family was distraught.  Especially Brittany.  They had just aged to elder in the last chapter.

On the bright side of things... We can have plants and grass!  We can get married with a wedding arch!  We can order groceries!  We can even build houses on the ground!  Because Mariah has lifted Natural Scientist and cleared tier 2!

The first thing I did after exiting the game and removing the file was to put out the cowplant.  I've never had one in Sims 2!

Jada slept through her birthday.  
(That's the only problem with those toddler beds, which this is the first time I used in this challenge, you can't wake them up once they go to sleep.)

That is what Jihoon wore to work today.  LMAO

I put in a Corner Grocery to celebrate buying groceries again.

Then they went to the nursery but didn't stay long because the plants aren't buyable.  Boo.  They then went to the Adventurer lot, I had a hard time keeping track of them there and didn't get a picture.

They went home exhausted and sun burnt.

After Mariah cleared tier 2 I went through and bulldozed and replaced all the lots that I had removed plants and lights from.  The town looks much more colorful!

Doe Chapter 2.2: Field Trip

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