Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Doe 2.2: Field Trip

Apocalypse Challenge Doe House Chapter 2.2: Field Trip

Troy works late so he takes care of Bran during the day.

Lilly wanted to get some orchard trees.

I was looking through the kids stuff in buy mode when I saw this llama doll.  I just had to see what it looked like.  No clue when I downloaded it!

Bran ages up to child.  He has the same hair style and color as one of his ancestors... the name slips my mind.  If I remember I'll edit this.

Before Bran stars school they go on a little field trip.  First, they go to Mom's work and get some groceries at the gas station.

Bran thought it would be more exciting to go to the new cemetery.  I replaced the old one with this one.  I searched for spooky on Mod The Sims and this came up.  I really like it.

As they were leaving all these sims were huddled up in a group.  It was pretty weird.

Ugh.  Homework.  Lifting tier 2 means the kids do homework again.  I ended up enrolling Bran into Simlogical Prep School... they come home later, but their homework is done.

Lilly wanted to plant a seed so she planted a tomato plant and it died.

Bran brought this girl, Sharla Ottomans, home from school one day.  But he gets home so late she had to leave soon after they got there.  So I went to have him call her on Saturday to invite her over.  No phone.  So I had to go into SimPe and add a phone to the family so that he could call her.

I'll end with this... Zombi Walker steals their newspaper almost every day.  Also, the darned paper boy keeps putting the paper in that high grass next to the flowers.

Bellamy Chapter 3.1: Jumping the Gun

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