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Friday, February 19, 2016

TS2- BaCC Parker 1.1: Golden Fisherwoman

Build a City Challenge Parker House Chapter 1.1: Golden Fisherwoman

So this is Jada's little hut.  At first she had to take out a loan for $3,000 to afford it but then re-reading the rules I saw that the price of the hacked computer is reimbursed to the sim.  That darn computer was $2,800 so she was able to pay the loan off.  With all the fishing she did this week she earned a gold talent badge and a nature plaque and put $3,400 into a deposit account to save for a bigger house.  She tried to seduce this guy that had come with the welcoming wagon that she made friends with but it didn't work.  Her lifetime wish is to whoohoo 20 different sims.  I plan to do so.

Here's the inside of the hut.  I had to replace the CC bed and uni-fridge that I had in there originally because she couldn't sleep in the bed and she couldn't make hot dogs with the fridge.

Hotdogs rotisserie style.

Oh my gosh when Edric walked by in that leotard I almost died!  I have to change his workout clothes when I get to his house.

Coudrec Chapter 1.1: Golden Salesman

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