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Friday, February 19, 2016

TS2- BaCC Couderc 1.1: Golden Salesman

Build a City Challenge Couderc House Chapter 1.1: Golden Salesman

Edric catching butterflies at his new house.  I built the house all the way to the right of the lot in case the sim moving in would be a farmer and need the extra land.  But Edric rolled businessman.

Here's the inside of the house.  Much better than Jada's but pretty basic.

Edric uses the Hacked computer to take out a loan for the $12,000 additional he needs to buy the business I built for him.

Here it is.  Once again, very basic.  It doesn't even have lights or windows.  I thought of doing an outside type thing but it looked goofy.  It's called Braaaains Produce.

Here's the exterior.  I thought the paint I put up was yellowy but it ended up really ugly, I need to change it.

I always get a kick out of seeing one of my sims out and about.  I really need to change her hair and outfit!  By the end of the week Edric had a gold sales badge and a bronze cashier badge.  He's still $10,000 in debt from buying the store.  It's also hard to keep him there for just 8 hours when there's potential sales in the store.  One day I wasn't paying attention and it ended up being 14 hours!

Rauscher Chapter 1.1: My Store Sucks!

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