Sunday, February 7, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Doe 1.1: What On Earth Happened?

Apocalypse Challenge Doe House Chapter 1.1: What On Earth Happened?

Okay, so I know you're looking down at the first pic and thinking what on earth?  Yes, this is Xander's story and yes he's proposing.  But let's go back in time a minute to let me explain a bit.  Whenever someone moves out of the founder's house I've been subtracting the cost of their new house from the founder and then sticking them on what I called a "landing pad" to change their income so they can afford the new house.  Pretty simple right?  Wrong.  I moved out 2 Rauscher's from the original Rauscher house.  Meaning I now had 3 households with that name.  So after the boys move out I type in familyfunds Rauscher 197,446 (the amount they had minus the 2 houses I built) nothing happened.  I tried over and over and nothing happened.  So I'm like okay weird and forgot about it.  When I went to move Grayson into his house guess how much money he had!  He had the 197,446!  So I move him into his house and try to change his income down to the 5,000 he should have had after the house was bought.  Nothing happened.  *sigh*  So I save, go to Xander and sure enough he has 5,000!  Soooo I had already planned on the boys taking their wives last names to keep the confusion down over which house I was playing.  So I decided while Xander was standing broke on the "landing pad" to scope for girls.  When Lilly Do walks by they hit it off and have 2 lightning bolts.  I figured might as well get him married now before I delve into SimPe to fix this mess.  I had to change everyone's family income and a couple household names.  It took forever cuz it's been so long since I've used SimPe.  Okay, enough with my rant, on with the story!

So there was Xander standing on this tiny piece of land scoping for girls when the girl of his dreams walks his way.  After lots of talk and flirting he proposes!

She says yes, as long as they don't have to live on the landing pad.
But wait, you say, if her name is Do then why is the chapter called Doe?  Well, I figured Do would be confusing so I added the "e" at the end to make it less well confusing.

They don't.  Now, if this looks familiar, it is almost exactly the same as Grayson's house.  I just re-arranged the rooms and recolored the items.

Top floor.

 Bottom floor.

They have got to stop sending zombies on the welcome wagon!  Patient Zero shows up with Xander's aunt Lainey Bellamy.  Xander runs out to say goodbye and get the zombie out of there when Patient Zero attacks Lainey!!!  My heart was in my throat.  But, I forgot, she has body skills and she won the fight!

Knowing I can look for the second job in the paper if the first one is taken, completed or not in this tier has made things easier.  Xander gets a job in business on the second day.

Here's the business building!  I had to take out the beautiful landscaping and all the lights.  I also added brick to the outside cuz the white looked weird.  If you like it it's called Brixham Project.

Oh did I forget to mention that Lilly got pregnant the first day?  Oopsie.  She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Troy.

A few days later, and several promotions at work for dad, Troy ages to a toddler.

For Jules1111 on the Sims forums, yes that is indeed a crab.  It is called "Alice" body toy by Ja.
It can be found here.  Just look for Alice.
This set also includes the cardboard box crib, changing table and several other toys.

Coming soon... Bellamy Chapter 1.3: Dining on Lobster Thermidor


  1. Wow, sounds like a real pain with the money distribution. I miss toddlers!!

    1. Yes, I just figured the "current" house would be the one that would be changed but I was wrong about that!