Sunday, February 7, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Parker 1.1: Brittany's Been Busy!

Apocalypse Challenge Parker House Chapter 1.1: Brittany's Been Busy!

We follow son of the founder house Grayson on his adventure into his new life.

Once again, my building skills astound.  *giggle*

Top floor.

Bottom floor.  Yes, I know it's a little nicer looking than it should be but I only had a couple trashed walls and floors and I couldn't use them in every house.

Who's Grayson proposing to you ask?

But of course he's marrying his childhood sweetheart Brittnany Parker!  Remember when they met as children when she walked by the house?  So sweet.

Brittany comes with a BIG surprise!  Politics level 9!  I almost passed out.

The welcoming wagon included a dog, Zombi Walker and Xander's new wife Lilly.

I was afraid that Zombi might attack Lilly so I sent Grayson out to say goodbye to them all.  Before I know it she's attacking him.  He won of course.  She actually attacked him twice before he got rid of them.

This is everything that was in Brittany's inventory.  I hope it was okay that I sold it.

At first I had Grayson searching for a job every day but Brittnay is pregnant so there's no point.  I did find out one interesting tidbit while looking through the Mod The Sims forums... if the first job listed is taken, already lifted or not in the teir I'm working on I can look at the 2nd!  Doh!

Umm yea I got my days mixed up and sent Brittany to work the day she was to have the baby.  She got out of the truck and gave birth to a baby girl Mariah.

Mariah ages up to toddler on Sunday.

Doe Chapter 1.1: What on Earth Happened?

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