Monday, February 15, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Doe 2.1: You're Safe... Build Your Houses

Apocalypse Challenge Doe House Chapter 2.1: You're Safe... Build Your Houses

The day that Xander was stuck broke on the landing pad was the best day of his life because that's the day Lilly walked by and agreed to marry him.

Now it's time for them to grow old together.

Yay, their clothes don't look bad at all.

The next morning they have a surprise outside.  Troy brought a girl home from college!  You remember Elizabeth.  Troy re-enters the criminal career at level 7.

Still no wedding arches so they get married in the house.

Now Troy and Elizabeth are expecting a baby!

Liven up your houses!  Build as high as you like!  Use your whole lot!  Lilly has lifted Architecture!

 I did a little impromptu addition onto the house and some re-decorating to celebrate.

When reading what was lifted in the restrictions it said you couldn't place "The Very Mysterious Shelving" so of course I had to find out what that is and decided to build a room for it.  So on the left are the career rewards in a secret room and on the right is a double bathroom.  If you look further into the main space you can see I spruced up a bit.

Yep, that's right.  Another two-fer.  No more paying protection money.  Troy has lifted Life of Crime for all his extended family.

The postmen feel safe to deliver the mail again and have build the Llama Express post office.
(It would have been cooler but some of the CC isn't available anymore.)

I kept hearing a voice outside.  It was Fallon, Xander's mother.  They stood out there and chatted for awhile.  It is probably the last time he will see her.

Elizabeth gives birth to a boy named Bran.

Holy cow!  That is what he wears to work!!!

After several days checking the paper Elizabeth finally hits the jackpot and gets a job in the Slacker career at level 6.

Bran ages to toddler.  I had some weird glitch when he was aging up with the cake.  They blew out the candles then instead of tossing him up Troy laid him on the floor as a baby still and got a slice of cake.  I had to cheat to get him aged up.

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