Monday, February 8, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Rauscher 3.1: Double Whammy!

Apocalypse Challenge Rauscher House Chapter 3.1: Double Whammy!

Now that there's spring I just wanted to mention an item that I use Seasons and Weather Controller. I use it to make sure that each house in the rotation is in the same season.

Zoe, finally, ages to an adult.  I think that dress goes good with her hair color.

She decided that if her brother Xander and cousin Clay can meet women on the street than so can she.  She meets a good looking guy named Benjamin Long.

I try a flirt and it's love and 2 lightning bolts.

She proposes on the spot.

No wedding arches yet so they just exchange rings.
Benjamin is a knowledge/family sim.
He's level 9 in law enforcement!  So needless to say Fallon quit that job.

This is all the crap he had in his inventory.  I sold it all, I hope I'm doing the right thing.

 The honeymoon was at the military facility getting the 3 body points that Benjamin needed for a promotion.  Then he got home took a bath and a nap and got the cleaning point he needed.

The next day he came home with a promotion to level 10!
Smoke detectors, sprinklers and burglar alarms for all!

A couple days later Zoe got level 10 in Intelligence!
Turn on your phones, chat away!
Ask sims whatever you want.
Invite complete strangers into your home.
Hire (NPC) service sims.
*There's more but those are the biggies.*

 I hear this weird noise and can't figure out what it is.  Turns out Tucker and Kim are ghost-fighting!

With their careers topped it's time to start a family.

It was such a shock when Grim came for Bruce.  Look at their faces in this picture, it made me cry.

Then there's a ray of sunshine.  Twin babies are born!  A boy named Skyler and a girl named Shay.

Grandpa made an appearance to check on the babies.

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