Sunday, February 14, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Rauscher 3.4: Short But Sweet

Apocalypse Challenge Rauscher House Chapter 3.4: Short But Sweet

I took this pic about mid-week to show how totally boring everything has been in this house this week.

A little while later Zoe sets fire to the kitchen.
(The twins have the music notes over their heads because they were playing violin.)

Near the end of the most boring week ever the twins Shay and Skyler head off to college.

Meanwhile at college...

Dad drops the twins off to wish them well.

Here they are all grown to young adults.

Skyler wastes no time falling for Tori Jordan (I plan to change her name to Vicky because I already have a Tori.)  She's a family/knowledge sim and they have 2 lightning bolts of attraction.

Skyler knows what he wants and proposes to Tori.

Shay makes friends with Tori.

They spend pretty much all of their time studying.  Once they get all the skills for the careers I hope to get them I use college adjuster to change the time until final exam and first Skyler then Tori graduate with honors.

Meanwhile, Shay had no luck in the love department.  She had a lot of skills to study for and all of the guys in the dorm were gross.  Until Tori left and Randy Courdec replaced her.  Shay only had half a day left in school so they had a quick romance but I locked in her wish to be engaged to him.  Shay also graduated with honors.

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