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Thursday, April 21, 2016

50,000 Thank You!!!!

I thank you and my sims thank you for 50,000 views!  

 Thank you from my simself and Rainy Dayz Romance!

 From Keeping up with the Jones's... Willow Creek...

 ...Oasis Springs...

 ...and Windenburg!

 From the Asylum Challenge!

 From the Runaway Teen Lovers Challenge!

 From the Runaway Teen Challenge too!

 From the Random Legacy Challenge family!

 And the Marx Legacy Challenge family!

 From the 100 Baby Challenge too!

 The In Another Life Challenge family thanks you!

And the Awesimsauce Challenge family too!

I'm so happy I made this blog so I can share my Sims challenges and stories with you!  Thank you!!!

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