Thursday, April 21, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Nearing the End of the Beginning

Chapter 59

The Elders

Getting the notice that it's almost Chandler's time was like a kick in the gut to me.  You see, if it's almost his time than it's almost time for all the elders.  So I decided to get them all together just in case I don't see one of them again.

Charlie and Buffy invited Sebastian, Andrea, Chandler, Paisley and Scarlet over to visit and chat about the old days.

Chandler and Paisley are still so sweet together after all these years.

Hey they might be elders but you're never too old for a selfie!

Andrea, the youngest of the group, having aged to elder only today drops to the floor to do some sit-ups.

Once it starts getting late everybody leaves.

Ah Charlie and Buffy.  My favorites for so long.  Buffy's ageline is in bubbles so it won't be long now.

I'll miss you all so much when you're gone!  Buffy was my first baby born in this save.  They'll be the end of the beginning of the neighborhood.


Kizzy and Kade aged up.  I totally didn't realize I put them both in red until after I exited CAS!

The family hangs out and tells jokes.

Kade drops to the floor and starts doing sit-ups.  So like his dad... although he looks more like Skye.

They take the kids to the wishing well park and show them the well they wished on to have a baby but instead it gave them two!

I thought maybe both parents were going to the front to play sea monster?  But no.

They all go for a dip in the natural pool.

Kizzy meets Aaron Noble.  He says he'd like her to meet his daughter when she ages up.


Aaron sits on the fountain in the park thinking about the cute little girl in the pool.  Soon his little girl will age up.  Maybe she'd like swimming too?  This is the first time that Aaron has left her since she was born.  His mother insisted that he take some time away for his birthday, spend some time with some friends she said... but Aaron doesn't have any friends.

He rushes home to check on his daughter and catches his mother making a birthday cake for him.  He doesn't know why she bothers.  He doesn't need a cake to make him feel old.

But he goes through the motions anyway... for his family.

After they finish their cake Aaron tells his mom about the little girl in the park named Kizzy.

He cuddles his little girl one more time before bed and she ages up the next day.

Alisha takes the kids outside to read to give Aaron some alone time with his daughter.  Lark and Tobias are always hovering around the bassinet.

The next morning Joi gives her dad a big hug.  Aaron thinks she's even cuter than the girl in the park.

He decides that his idea to take her swimming was a good one.  "Da just wait 'till ya see me can-ball!"

"She's a cute one is she yours?"  Aaron is broken from his thoughts by someone talking to him.  He tells him his name is Caiden Woodall and he just moved to Oasis Springs.  He says he saw Aaron at Xavier and Ashley's wedding and that he's their neighbor.

Joi joins them and chats Caiden's ear off.  He doesn't seem to mind though.

He did seem kinda bummed out before he got up to leave.

Then Aaron gets bummed out.  Even his cheerful daughter doesn't make him feel better.

As they're getting ready to leave he sees Caiden and asks if he wants to hang out sometime.  Caiden invites him and Joi to his new house.  He tells Joi there's a pool with a jump pad and she can practice her cannonballs.
Chapter notes:  Kade's trait is active, Kizzy's is cheerful.  Joi's is good and Aaron's last trait is family oriented.  I didn't bother taking a screenshot of Hannah's birthday, her last trait is snob.

Caiden has been living in the neighborhood for about a week.  I didn't take any shots when I was playing him but I wanted his house to look lived in so I played him for a day.  He met Xavier from the welcome wagon and they really hit it off, that's how he got invited to the wedding.

If you want more info on this chapter check out the behind the scenes page!  I might not make one for every chapter but I was dying to put those pictures somewhere.


  1. Your family trees look great. The party for Buffy, and Chandler and their age group was great; so bittersweet to see them aging up to elder.

    1. Thanks! The family trees are genograms. I stumbled upon them while trying to find family tree software and I love them. The one I made to show the connections of the elders took about an hour to make! I was so glad that I had that reunion when I did because Buffy died the next day. So sad.