Friday, April 22, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 60

R.I.P. Buffy (Jones) Goth

Aaron and Joi arrive at Caiden's house, as Aaron nears the door he hears Caiden holler to come on to the backyard.

They have a nice afternoon hanging out by the pool and Joi gets to practice her cannonball as many times as she wants.

She takes a break from swimming to cloudgaze with Caiden.

After they eat hotdogs for dinner Joi shows Caiden the phone her dad gave her.  Aaron hates to admit it to himself but he's actually a bit jealous of all the attention Joi gets over the day.  

He's completely caught off-guard when as they're leaving Caiden hugs him quick and tells him he'll see them again soon.


Jace and Braelyn wait impatiently while Daxton makes Jace's birthday cake.

Jace is so excited to finally be a teen he runs over and blows out the candles as soon as the cake is finished.

Holy cow does he look like his dad... except his face is longer.  

His cousin Keith Fogel stops by to congratulate him on being a teen.

Braelyn has to entertain herself now that she doesn't have a playmate anymore.

Jace and Keith play blickblock on the motion gaming devices.

Okay so you're probly confused.  I already had the Nobles in this chapter right?  But I got Movie Hangout Stuff and I really wanted to have the Noble family go to the movies first so I'm playing them again.

The Noble family plus Caiden and Harley go to check out the new outdoor movie theater. 

Everybody settles in to watch a movie that Tobias picked about a lost dog.

 Joi heads off to get a burger after the movie is over and Caiden and Aaron sit and chat.

After it gets dark they stargaze.

Aaron pulls Caiden away from everyone else to talk and gets super embarrassed. 

Then he shocks the hell outta Caiden by kissing him!

Not that Caiden minds... he just thought he would be the one to clue Aaron in, not the other way around! 


Star was taking the news of her mother's death really hard.

But when Nick tried to comfort her as usual she pushed him away.

Then she left the house leaving Nick confused.

She didn't realize that he had followed her.

Until it was too late.

She tried talking her way out of it by telling Nick she doesn't even know the guy.

Nick becomes enraged.  Star's never seen him like this and she doesn't know what to do.

And then it's too late.  Nick collapses onto the ground and dies. 

Star returns to the empty house feeling more depressed and confused than ever.

Chapter notes: 
The outdoor movie theater is Chompy's Movie Park by Drutrubuilder. 

This chapter's behind the scenes goes into more detail with the surprising relationship leap between Aaron and Caiden and the shocking death of Nick.

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