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TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Be with Me

Chapter 61

Caiden was confused.  He hadn't heard from Aaron since the day at the movies.  Maybe he regretted kissing him?  That had to be it.

He checked his phone for what must have been the hundreth time that day.  He'd given up on sending Aaron any texts or calling him.  He hadn't responded and Caiden felt foolish continuing to try to contact him if he didn't want to be.

He wasn't really tired but somehow felt exhausted.  For the first time he was regretting making the move to Oasis Springs.

Aaron couldn't believe what an ass he was.  He'd done it again.  First, with Hannah when she'd shown him a little attention he'd jumped into a relationship with her... and it was terrible.  He'd made a complete fool of himself fumbling and trying to do what he thought would make her happy.  Now, there was Caiden, his first real friend ever and he'd kissed him!  What the hell was he thinking anyway?!  He couldn't face him again, he couldn't even get the nerve to answer his calls or call him back and apologize.

To make things even worse Joi was upset with him too.  She didn't understand why Lark and Tobias had their own rooms and she had to sleep on the cot in his room.

Things got even worse when she started asking when they would see Caiden again.  Questions about her mother Aaron had expected, but she never asks.  Instead she pesters him constantly about Caiden.  Talk about pouring salt into the wound.

When his mother tried to talk to him and find out what's going on he blew up at her.  How could he tell her what he'd done?  He couldn't tell anyone and that was the worst part about not having any friends.  There was nobody to talk to.

He couldn't stand to be cooped up in this house anymore with everyone watching him and asking him if he was okay all the time.  He had to get out.

When Aaron saw Hannah's father Daxton in the park he just snapped.  He took all his anger and frustration out on him and it felt good.  Daxton had stopped coming to the house when Joi was still a baby.  Hannah came only once and didn't even glance at the baby.  How could the center of his universe mean absolutely nothing to the rest of her family?

He left Daxton sitting stunned after his tirade and headed over to the wishing well.  He'd heard stories of this well.  He wasn't sure what to wish for so he just threw in a coin.

Aaron suddenly felt empowered.  He saw a girl across the park and made his way to her, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately.  And felt... nothing.  He was broken from his concentration by a laugh nearby.

It was Xavier.  Caiden's friend.  He'd seen him.  Oh god.

He felt physically ill.  From the kiss and from the thought of Xavier telling Caiden about it.  He apologized profusely to Star and she stormed out of the park.

Aaron slowly sat down.  His head was spinning.  From the effects of the well?  The kiss?  Caiden?  Oh man.  He wanted to beg Xavier not to tell Caiden but the words wouldn't come out.  Instead he just uttered "What's wrong with me?"

"That was some show you put on."  Xavier laughed.  Aaron didn't know what to say to that so he didn't respond.  "Listen, you look like you could use a friend right about now... why don't you stop by the house tonight for dinner?"  Aaron agreed, mostly because he really didn't want to go home and face his daughter and his parents questions.

Dinner was okay.  It was better than being at home.  Ashley tried her best to cheer Aaron up and for that he was grateful.

There was a knock on the door and Xavier went to answer it.  Aaron felt like all of the wind got knocked right out of him when he saw Caiden walk into the room.  Looking right at him.  He looks so sad, Aaron thought.  I'm so sad.  I'm so sorry Caiden.  He just wished he could speak the words out loud.  He didn't know what to do, what to say.

He rushed toward the door on autopilot... fight or flight mode?  Flight.  That's for sure.  When Xavier asked where he was going he quickly stuttered out a lie about needing to take his daughter to the park.  Flight.  Run.  Get the hell out of here now.  That's all he could think, over and over.  With one quick glance to see that Caiden wasn't looking he left.

He took the kids to the park because he hated that he'd lied about it.  It had been so nice of Xavier and Ashley to invite him over.  He'd ruined that too.  Like he ruined everything.  He sat there thinking about that sad look on Caiden's face when he saw him.  He'd only glanced at him for a second but it was long enough to have that image burned in his brain.

Caiden felt extremely awkward after Aaron rushed out.  He started for the door muttering some stupid excuse as he went when he was stopped in his tracks when he heard what Xavier was telling Ashley.  "Maybe he went to meet Star?  I saw him kiss her today.  I hope he doesn't get involved in her especially since her husband just died."

He walked back and asked Xavier what had happened.  "It was really weird actually."  Xavier started.  "He was way over in the wishing well park... I could see him from where I was sitting.  Then he ran over, grabbed Star and kissed her."  He shook his head.  "He looked sick afterwards and I heard him talk to her for a minute and then she stormed off and he started muttering something about something being wrong?  He looked so sad, I felt bad especially knowing everything that went down with that Hannah girl and him.  So I invited him over."  Ashley laughed and said maybe he was just exploring his options after the train wreck of a relationship with Hannah.  Caiden said his goodbyes and left, his head swimming.

He'd made a mistake.  This was all his fault.  They say you can't run from your problems but Caiden had sure as hell tried.  And came up with the exact situation here in Oasis Springs that he'd had where he grew up.  He'd fallen in love with his best friend and his best friend had fallen in love with some girl from school.  Rather than have to watch them together all the time he'd left.  He'd run.  As fast as he could.  And found Aaron.  He sighed to himself as he tried to get the guts to knock on the door.  He wasn't sure where he'd go this time and he was sure going to miss this place but he had to go.  But before he did he had to say goodbye.

Alex hollered for him to come in and he told him that Aaron took the kids to the park.  So he really did go to the park?  Caiden thanked him and left.

Caiden walked to the park and when he saw Aaron he just stood there.  He couldn't even look at him, he just stood staring at the ground trying to find the courage to talk to him.  One last time.  Say goodbye and that'll be the end of it.  He took a deep breath and walked over to where Aaron was standing.

"I just wanted to say goodbye."  He stammered out.  "I just wanted to say I'm sorry and goodbye and I hope everything works out with Joi and everything else."  Everything else?  You mean the girl he was kissing.  Idiot.  Don't think about it.  He took one last look at Aaron's shocked face and turned to leave.

He stopped when he heard Aaron whisper "I'm sorry Caiden."  What the hell?  Didn't Aaron realize this was his fault?  He was the idiot that kept falling for strait guys.  He shook his head to himself and started walking again.

"Caiden wait!" Aaron called after him.  "Just... just sit down... just let me explain... please!"  So they sat down and Aaron started talking.  He told Caiden about his messed up relationship with Hannah, how he felt like he didn't have any friends, how hard it was to have a child while he was still a teenager.  Then he said something that shocked the hell out of Caiden.  He said he was sorry he kissed him, that he didn't know why he did it, that he'd take it back if it meant Caiden would stay.  "I screwed it up.  I screw everything up."  He finished.

Now Caiden was pissed!  "And the girl in the park?  Was she some mistake too?  Oh sorry ma'am my lips just slipped?!"  He tried to calm himself down but years of holding everything in just bubbled up.  "You want to know the worst part of this Aaron?"  He seethed.  "I was happy!  You're sorry?  Well fuck that!  I thought this was going somewhere!  That I could finally be happy!  That day when I met you and Joi I didn't want to leave because I was afraid I'd never see you again!  Now you say you're sorry?"  He tried to take deep breaths.  To rein his temper in.  He'd never lashed out at another person like that before in his life.  He instantly regretted it and everything he'd said but there was no taking it back now.  He slowly got up to leave.

Once again Aaron stopped him before he could leave.  Escape is more like it.  "I don't understand."  What didn't he understand?

Caiden sighed.  He wasn't making this easy on him was he?  So he sat back down and he told Aaron about his life before he'd moved to Oasis Springs.  About falling in love with his best friend Brian that he'd known since they were little kids.  About Brian marrying some girl.  About his parents refusing to believe he was gay and constantly inviting girls over to the house to meet him.  "I couldn't watch Brian so happy with that girl and I'll never be able to watch you with some girl either.  That's why I've got to leave."

Aaron looked confused for a few minutes and Caiden was just about to get back up and leave when Aaron started talking.  "Caiden... I... I didn't know her... I don't... don't know why I kissed her... there was this well and I threw in a coin... then she was there and I kissed her... I felt sick... all I could think of was you... I... I kissed you... but I... I'm not gay... I mean there was Hannah... and the baby... and I just don't understand."  Wow.  Just wow.  And Caiden thought he was screwed up.  He cleared his throat.  It's now or never.  "So umm just to be sure... would you try it again?"  He held his breath and watched the confusion on Aaron's face.

Well that was a brilliant idea Caiden thought as he watched Aaron walk away.

He sat watching the sun go down and thought about where he'd move to next when he realized someone was standing in front of him.  Aaron.  He stood up and Aaron grabbed him and kissed him.  Not a little peck like he'd done at the movies.  A real kiss.

"I'm not sure."  Aaron said.  "I think I need to try again."  Was he saying what Caiden thought he was saying?  "I took the kids home.  Want to go somewhere?"  Hell yes!

They ended up back at Caiden's house and he let Aaron try again.  And again.  And again.

They stumbled into the bedroom and kissed some more.  Whatever Aaron wanted to try Caiden was ready.

Caiden knew Aaron had done it before, obviously since he had a kid but it was his first time and it was amazing!

It was great.  Until it was over.  Aaron fell asleep but Caiden couldn't sleep.  What if Aaron would think this was a mistake like with Hannah?  They hadn't discussed the future.  They really hadn't talked much at all after Aaron had returned to the park.  This was worse than with Brian.  Much worse.  With him it had all been like a dream Caiden had made up in his mind.  With Aaron there were real physical memories.  If Aaron decided that this was a mistake... if he changed his mind in the morning.  It was too unbearable to consider.

He must have fallen asleep on the couch sometime in the night but he woke up when Aaron sat down.

"So what happens now?"  Aaron asked.  What indeed.  So they talked.  Then talked about the future.  Their future.  Aaron didn't seem to see it as a mistake as Caiden had feared.  He actually didn't mention what they'd done.  He talked about Joi and how upset she was not having her own room.  When he said he was thinking of looking for their own place Caiden scoffed and told him to bring her here, they could stay.  For as long as they wanted.  Forever he thought to himself.  "Just.. be with me."

Chapter 62
Chapter notes:  This is one of the first chapters I've written for Keeping Up with the Jones's that focuses on one storyline.  I did actually play 3 different houses for this story though.  I didn't intend for it to go so far in one post, I kept telling myself one more screenshot and then I'll move on to another house but then I'd get an idea for another and another.  You get the point.  Surprisingly it's also one of my longest posts ever.  I hope you all adore Caiden as much as I do.  He's one of the only sims I've actually made myself... I usually get them off the gallery.  I had a specific look in mind for him and spent a long time on him.


  1. Caiden is beautiful! And I am so happy for he and Aaron. Just when he thought the world was over...

    1. Thanks! I absolutely adore Caiden. He's one of the ONLY sims that I've made myself in CAS. I usually just pick one from the gallery but I was afraid someone might get offended if I made their sim gay. You know how weird people can be. Caiden and Aaron have now taken first place as my favorites and when I see them while I'm playing the other houses it kills me wanting to check in on them!