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TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: A Life for a Life

Chapter 62


"Seriously Kaylie"  Angelo said when his brother left the room.  "He's never going to propose on his own."  He laughed as Kaylie scowled at him.  "All joking aside, Dominick's a total goofball, he might have asked you to move in but proposing... I tried mentioning it to him and he just acted confused."

At first, nobody noticed when Dominick had re-entered the room.

"That's what you think of me?"  He cried.  "That I'm some loser goofball that's going nowhere with my life?"  Angelo didn't know what to say to that so instead he uttered "Umm Dominick what on earth are you wearing?"

While Dominick tried to explain that he'd dressed up for Angelo's birthday Kaylie came over to comfort her boyfriend.  "Don't listen to them honey, it's okay, we can get married whenever you're ready."  Dominick looked sadly at each face wondering what on earth she was talking about.  "M-married?"

She pulled him off the couch and gave him a big hug.  "Yes, married.  But it's all good babe.  When you're ready we'll do it."  Dominick was so confused and for some reason so sad that he just couldn't speak.

For some reason Dominick's juggling performance brought everyone to tears.  And they weren't tears of joy.

After Angelo blew out the candles Dominick left for work at the comedy club, Angelo went upstairs to work on his latest book and Kaylie took her frustrations out on her punching bag.  She couldn't believe Dominick was so clueless!  Her younger brother and sister were already married... hell, Adam already had a kid!  She'd been following Dominick around with puppy dog eyes since she met him at her own birthday party.  Something's gotta give she thought.

After beating the hell out of the punching bag Kaylie was feeling better.  She found Suri outside practicing her yoga poses and asked her for advice.  "It's simple." Suri laughed.  "If he's too clueless to ask you then you ask him!"  Kaylie hadn't thought of that before... but what if he said no?  What if the reason he didn't ask wasn't because he was a clueless goofball like everyone thought but because he just didn't want to?  Kaylie had heard of Dominick's father's history.  He'd dated almost every lady in the neighborhood... single or not.  Could Dominick be like his father?  Could he want to see other women?

By the time Dominick got home Kaylie had worked herself into a frenzy.  She stormed out of the house and stalked up to Dominick to accuse him of cheating.  Then she stopped.  The anger melted away leaving a terrible sadness.  Instead she cried to Dominick that he didn't love her and that she didn't know if she could stay with him.  Feeling extremely sad himself Dominick asked Kaylie to just let him shower this damned makeup off and they'd sit down and talk.

Kaylie sits down on the couch and waits for Dominick and her anger starts to return.  Then Dominick sits down and puts his arm around her.  He smiles that smile she loves so much and asks her "now what is all of this about?"  Looking into those brown eyes of his Kaylie completely forgets her anger and her sadness and only sees the man she loves.  She quietly explains about Angelo and Suri telling her that they'll never be married.  About her jealousy of her younger brother and sister.  About his father's past and how afraid she is that he'll want to be like Don.

Dominick pulls Kaylie to her feet and drops to one knee.  He shows her the ring he bought on the way home from work.  "Kaylie I'm forever grateful to your sister Ashley for inviting me to your house for your birthday party.  After my parents died in the epidemic I didn't know how I would go on.  But you were here and you made everything better again.  If I had known before how important it was to you I would have asked long ago.  I'm sorry I didn't.  Marry me.  Now."

Dominick calls for Angelo and Suri to come outside.  Little does he know they were listening to everything that went down when he proposed to Kaylie.

The newlyweds don't even notice all of the confetti that gets thrown at them.  They are a bit preoccupied.

"Well." Said Dominick later.  "I guess we'll be moving out.  You two will need more room in this house after-all.  "Room for what?"  Angelo asked.  "C'mon bro don't be as clueless as I was!  You've gotta know a certain someone wants a little bun in the oven!"  Angelo quickly looked to Suri who had the most hopeful look on her face.

"You know you don't have to feel pressured into this."  Suri said after they headed upstairs.  "We could wait a little longer."

"I'm ready."  Angelo laughed as he kissed his beautiful wife.  "Let's make us a little Lothario."

"Wow you really threw him under the bus!"  Kaylie laughed after they got into the bedroom.  "Serves him right after what he said about me!"  Dominick grinned.

Then they had a little fun of their own for their marriage and for their last night in Dominick's family home.

In the morning Angelo heard Suri in the bathroom crying.  When he asked what was wrong she told him that the test was negative.  "What if we have the same problems getting pregnant that your brother Rocco and Skye had?"  She asked.  He hadn't thought of that before.  

While Angelo and Suri struggled with the thought that getting pregnant wouldn't be as easy as they'd thought Dominick and Kaylie had the old Zest trailer bulldozed and a new house built there.  They wanted to stay in the same neighborhood and it was the only lot empty.  The lot was huge but they opted for a small house for now.  They were going to live off just a comedian's wages after-all.

They settled into the house and made a few improvements with the money that Angelo gave them.

Back at the old house Suri had some great news for Angelo.  "We're going to have a baby!"  She gushed.  "Looks like it's time to redecorate."  Angelo smiled.  "Too bad we didn't keep any of our old toys from when we were kids."

They discovered that the baby was a girl and decorated the bedroom in purples and pinks.  Poor Suri had morning sickness all day every day through the pregnancy.  Angelo also caught a worried look on her face sometimes when she thought he wasn't looking.

Near the end of her pregnancy some of the girls in the family had a little baby shower for Suri.  While Shea and Skye talked about how great it is having kids Star just stood there looking angry and Rosa just looked sad.  Kaylie was pretty proud that it was her husband's big mouth that started all this in the first place.

They were just heading to bed that night after watching a movie when Suri felt a terrible pain in her belly!

Angelo turned around when he heard a loud thump and was shocked to see his wife lying on the floor!

They wouldn't allow Angelo into the operating room.  He stood outside the doors and panicked.  What would happen to his wife?  What would happen to their baby?

Doctor Noble called Angelo in and he headed strait towards his baby daughter.  Haven.  "She's beautiful."  He whispered.  At first he was too enamored with the baby to hear what Alex was saying.  When he did he thought he must be hearing wrong.

"She's in a coma Angelo."  Alex repeated.  "She's not responding to anything I've tried."  He sighed.  "It doesn't look good.  Take your daughter home and I'll call you if anything changes.

Angelo sat in his new daughter's room and wondered how he would go on without Suri.  He'd just received the call from Alex that she hadn't made it.  Haven's soft cooing was his only comfort.

9 months in the past...

Angelo never knew that when they failed to conceive the first time that Suri had made her way to the wishing well.  It had worked so well for Rocco and Skye after-all.

"A life for a life."  Whispered in Suri's head.  She shook off the growing dread that she was feeling and went home to try for a baby again.

Chapter notes:  I know, you hate me.  I did it again.  But really it just played out that way I swear!  This chapter was an emotional roller coaster to write.

Dominick and Kaylie's new house is Ultra Modern Starter by PipiPapiPupu.

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