Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Wedding Revelations

Chapter 63

I really liked how the last wedding turned out without captions so from here on out I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves and if something needs an explanation I'll put it in chapter notes.


Sierra had gone strait to work from the wedding and she'd been dreading going home all morning.  It was no surprise when she walked in to see Dayton sitting up waiting for her.  He'd tried to hold her hands at the wedding and she'd snatched her hands back from him like he'd burnt them.  He'd never once done anything like that in all the years they'd lived together.

"Can you just sit down?  Please."  Dayton asked.  When she sat down he started talking, he told her that he was in love with her.  That he felt she was his soulmate and that he'd waited all these years to tell her because he had wanted to give her time to get over the deaths of her parents.  "But it's been years Sierra!  Years of sitting by and watching you.  Living with you.  Laughing with you.  Has it really been for nothing?"

"You... love... me?"  Sierra smiled.  A look of total relief came over Dayton's face as he told her yes that he'd loved her since the day they'd met.  Why else would he have invited a total stranger to live with him?

This time when he held her hands she didn't pull away.  This time when he kissed her lips she just sighed with relief.  All these years of holding on to her parents deaths and Sierra had never realized that the love of her life was right there in front of her.

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